We’re about to celebrate July 4th in the USA. Canada Day ihas recently taken place. How do you celebrate? Apparently a lot of people travel. We’ve never traveled on this holiday. And this year sure doesn’t seem to be a good one for flying. My goodness the delays and cancelations must be frustrating and nothing you can do about the situation.

We’ll just have the family over. We’ve got great weather here for another couple of days, but by the 4th we’ll be sweltering again. Ah well, July in Texas. It’s to be expected. Not so much when May turned out to be the same thing!! ☹

One of our granddaughters has been in Nashville competing in a National Dance competition. We’ve been able to watch many of the dances on a streaming thing. However the connection cuts out every so often and boy is that frustrating. I don’t think it’s just our hot spot internet connection because it shows up on my phone, too. But then that’s also connected to the hotspot??? I don’t know. Maybe the signal they send is weak. Our daughter sends us reminders when Sarah is about to dance.

(This is how I watch the show. The first shot is another dance studio. The middle one is the beginning of Peanut Butter & Jelly, a tap number. The far right is my granddaughter. I moved my phone!)

Whatever, I’m so glad to get to see her and her team dancing. They’ve worked hard and it shows. It shows for other teams, too. The commitment of these (mostly girls) is remarkable.  I missed Mah Jongg Tuesday to stay home and catch her dances. It was worth it. I worry I’ll get so far behind in learning the game, I won’t be able to catch up, but I have the rest of the summer to work on the strategies.  

Of course, I split my time between writing blogs, a little church work, watching Sarah, and working on rewrites for VULNERABLE.  I’m making good progress. Right at 72,000 words now. The word count was 68 K when I began the rewrite process. I’ll work on it the rest of this week with my word search, then I’ll listen to it out loud. That is such a great feature in Word! I mean, stuff you’ve read and read and thought was just fine, all of a sudden, you go. Wow! What was I thinking? It takes a while to listen to the whole thing, but it’s an invaluable tool. Then I’ll send it to my Beta Readers around July 13.

June has been PRIDE month. Lots of recognition and celebration of LBGTQ + folks by the media and on television. I bought a wonderful T-shirt with a rainbow and the words: Equality For All. I’m careful where I go when I have it on. While it speaks my views, I don’t want to get into it with anyone who has different views. I’m not a very brave person, I’m afraid. These are certainly difficult times in our country, indeed in our world.

Happy July 4th to those of us in the US and Happy Canada Day to our friends to the north. Take care with fireworks if you do those. Most of us are really dry! One spark could lead to a conflagration. Do you have plans for a trip this summer or are you more about a staycation? Love to hear from you.

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2 responses to “Celebrations

  1. I love your t-shirt, Marsha! I hope one day no one will bat an eyelid at anyone wearing a Pride t-shirt with pride. We’ve come a long way, but there’s still a long way to go. Happy 4th July to you and family, and I hope you enjoy the celebrations!

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