Red River, NM Week 2

The family has arrived to share our Red River Vacation. One family stays with us and the other has their own space. We now have an extra dog, too.  Their Hazel (below left) who is still very puppyish and our Charley (Below Right) have almost reached detent. Hazel has claimed Charley’s house!

Lots of wonderful walking. I’m hitting 14 and 15 K a day. Amazing how that means I can still enjoy eating and still lose or maintain weight. Hope I can figure out a way to walk more when we return home. It’s one of the things I love so much about being in Red River.

Tuesday, I went to a chair yoga class at the community center. Most of the people in attendance were locals. Only a few of us were visitors to town. I expected it to not be too much, but I found it focused in on balance and showed me some things to do to improve my balance. I will go on Thursday and then two times next week. I’ll look for a video I can do when I get home, too.

Tuesday afternoon we took family pics the first time in 15 years. Way before grands since our oldest is now 13. It was definitely time—past time. I’m pleased with how the pics turned out. Kyle with Southern Exposure Photography did a great job. Here’s a link to their site. In case you ever travel to Red River. All the families were pleased with the results. I’ll be changing my head shot on various media since the one I’ve been using is pretty old. LOL More wrinkles with the new one, but I like the reality of it all. We drove out from town for the pics into this area. Don’t have the pics yet to share, but I will. 

So far, I’ve been writing this on Wednesday morning. One family has gone to Eagle Nest to go out fishing on a boat, and they will return around noon. This afternoon, some of us will do the ropes course if it doesn’t rain on us. And yes, surprising as it may be, the word “us” includes me. Now I’ve done a challenge course a way long time ago when I was teaching before becoming an administrator. What I remember most from that was how hard doing the trust fall was. Fortunately, that’s not a part of this course, but there are three levels. I think I can do the first level, and hope I survive the zip line to get off of that level. I don’t really know if I can manage the height much less the three elements on that first level, but I’m going to try. I figure whatever happens it’s a good lesson for the grands that sometimes you’re supposed to try something even if it doesn’t work out well.

More to come.

Wednesday afternoon: I DID IT! I did the first level of the ropes course. It was hard! I got through because my older granddaughter Lilly, my younger granddaughter Sarah and my daughter Laura surrounded me with supportive and instructive comments: You can do this, Mimi. Switch hands. Hold higher on the black rope. You’re almost there. Good job. You made it. Pull down more on the black rope. You’ve got this. And more. Their words were incredible. Here are pics. I’m sure I’ll write more about this in a later post.

You can see all 3 levels. I only did Level 1.

Lots of games, too. Are you a game player? And some good eating. I’ve eaten more pizza in a week than I normally do in two months. What’s your favorite pizza?  The walking makes it all okay.

Center pic is me beginning. Left is first element. Right is the final element. And then a zip line to the ground. Standing up at the end was really difficult, but I did it without help.

I’m putting this up on my Surface Pro. (Last 3 pics are not in order, but it’s too hard to fix and very late on Wednesday. 🙂 ) Hope it works okay. So sorry for those of you still burning up with temps or with fires. Prying for the heat to end. We’re having cooler, more normal temps for Red River.

Love to hear from you.

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