Red River Vacation Week Three

As I mentioned I earlier posts here, we’ve never gone anywhere for as long as 3 weeks. I wasn’t too sure how it would work. I was pretty certain the first two weeks would be fine, because as I wrote last week, the family came for the second week. And we had a delightful time, even with all the extra rain after a overly warm week before they arrived. (Overly warm is relative. 81 degrees with no wind in the mountains is hot. I know for those of you still suffering with 100 + temps that’s hard to grasp.)

Charley’s favorite location. Town Park with mountains overlooking

Saturday morning, the family who did not share our cabin left to go home. The family sharing our cabin didn’t leave until 1:30 or so. They were heading to visit friends in Santa Fe. I gotta tell you I was shocked by my reaction to their leaving. The lump in my throat got larger and larger as I tried not to cry. It was like when I was a kid and we’d visit my mother’s family in South Carolina. When it was time to leave, Mom cried. I cried. Of course, we didn’t know when we’d see them again, generally being a couple of years between visits. That was totally understandable. My reaction surprised the heck out of me.

Seldom see sunsets, because it clouds up and often rains in the evening.

So okay, Saturday I was sad. I kept tearing up. But really now! It hung on until Monday afternoon when I finally kicked myself in the rear and reminded myself of all my blessings. Which are many. I woke up Tuesday morning and was fine.

Laura and I had brain-stormed another story set in Red River. No way I could give it any thought because I couldn’t see myself moving here and leaving the family. At Chair Yoga I’d met a 65-year-old woman who’d done exactly that after her husband died. I was going to cut off 10 years in her age and there was my heroine. We had a neat murder story going. But folks, for those couple of days, I was done in and couldn’t begin to see how anyone would do that. The story will have to perk awhile to see if I can come up with how/why the heroine could move away from her family.

Deer in our neighbor’s yard. Later he jumped the small wall, but my pic isn’t great.

Bob and I have continued to work while up here, but at a much slower pace than at home. That’s a good thing. What I love best is the weather—how cool it is. Clothing wise, layers are the name of the game. And then that I can literally walk everywhere. We’ve only gotten in the car if we were going to pick up stuff from the grocery store. That’s just not a possibility at home. Many, many days I’ve gotten 15, 000 + steps as opposed to my 11 or 12 K at home. You know, you can eat a whole bunch more with no change in pounds when you increase your exercise like that. I should write a whole post on the foods here. LOL

We have made reservations for next summer for three weeks again, hoping the family can be here for the last week of that vacation to cancel out the tears.

We see them all the time.

I’ve scattered RR pics throughout the blog. We see deer at home, but never so up close and personal as here. Have you ever visited any place where you didn’t want to leave and pondered the possibility of moving there? I have. Woodstock, Vermont, which resulted in my first published book, VERMONT ESCAPE, and Red River, NM, which resulted in TAINTED. It remains to be seen whether Red River can produce another book.

One evening the granddaughters got to pet the deer. We had no food. I’m sure deer were disappointed.

Book Sale: Next Tuesday, August 9 through Sunday, August 12 SECOND ACT, Book 1 The Second Chances Series will be on sale for 99 Cents and be spotlighted on NN Light’s Book Heaven. I’ll have the link in my August Newsletter which will go out next week.

Hard to believe school is about to start. Still praying for cooler temps, for fires to be put out, and the rains to stop where the floods are and to come to the drought-stricken stricken parts of the country. Hope you have managed to get away or carve out some time for yourself at home. As always, love to hear from you.

9 responses to “Red River Vacation Week Three

  1. I’ve loved hearing all your news, Marsha. It’s awful having to say goodbye to loved ones. I hope you can come up with a good motive for your next heroine. I love how the story is percolating away. Enjoy the rest of your holiday x

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    • Hey, Helena. I have loved being away from the heat in these blessedly cool mountains. Aside from the two days of the blues–like a big giant whol in my chest–this has been a wonderful vacation. We’re into getting ready to go homme mode, you know? Like where do we want to eat last? What about that cute shirt at Seasons? Do we have all the souvenirs? Though with the family here, we don’t need so much. And how will we ever get it all packed?
      Made it to chair balance yoga today and met the woman who organized the Buckarro Ball fundraiser event I used in TAINTED where you appear. She’s moving back to Fort Worth and wants to host a book signing for me. How cool is that?! Glad you’ve enjoyed these posts and thanks so much for stopping by.


    • Hey, Vicki. Yeah, I get the issue of children. I never thought of the idea of the place becoming common place and not as special when you are there all the time. You could be right, but with the heat the way it’s been at home, I can’t see myself ever getting tired of a high of 75-80 with lots of rain. 🙂 Thanks so much for stopping by.


  2. I’ve loved your photos of your Red River trip and seeing all the fun you’ve had during your vacation. It’s okay to cry. It’s hard to say goodbye. I didn’t realize you only saw the one family every year or two. That would be difficult. I wish I had your feet and hips to walk 10,000 steps so often, let alone 15,000 steps!! Fabulous. Yes, the last few days are detachment time from Paradise. But I bet sleeping in your own bed will be wonderful. Thanks for sharing.

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    • Hey, J. Q. All my family lives in Fort Worth and we see them all the time. When I ws growing up, we didn’t get to see grandmothers, aunts or cousins very often. Lots of times it was a couple of years between. I have totally loved getting so many steps. The only way I’ve been able to do it is because the weather is so wonderful. I want to try to increase my steps at home, but it will have to be at the mall. When gas was sooo high, I’d tried not to do that very often. Thankfully, that’s not as much a problem as it was. I know I’m lucky. Clearly, it’s a move it or lose it situation. I will keep on keeping on as long as I can. Thanks so much for stopping by. 🙂


  3. What a wonderful trip and three weeks is a long time. We’ve only been away on vacation for three weeks when we traveled in Europe. You obviously love it there since you already have reservations for next summer. You missed a lot of hot weather in Texas. Great photos and blogs.

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    • Hey, Susan. Yes, I do love it here. It’s the weather and being able to walk everywhere. I just love that about a small town. Next year, we’ll stay a few days less, but I’ already looking forward to it. The 109 temps in Texas have not been missed. Glad you’ve enjoyed the blog. Thanks so much for stopping by. 🙂


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