Rewrites & Book Signing

I’ve heard back from my Beta Readers with feedback on VULNERABLE. Thanks very much, ladies. Some issues I was kind of aware of but hoped I could sneak by without fixing. Others were, Oh? Huh. Okay, I see that. Usually, If more than one person comments on something, I give it more credence. If it’s only one person, then I still consider it, but if I don’t necessarily agree it’s an issue then I don’t make a change. Being a Beta Reader for an author is a very important task, and I’m super grateful for their time and thoughts.

While we were on vacation, I read a printed out copy of VULNERABLE. Of course, I found lots of little things, you don’t see on the screen. The big thing I noticed and so did my Beta Readers was that the name of one of the heroine’s daughters had the same name as the deceased wife of David, the hero. The wife’s name only came up twice, and you’d think I could just easily change that one. However, VULNERABLE is David’s follow up story from TRUTH BE TOLD, and I named the wife in that book. I couldn’t just ignore her name. The solution was to rename the heroine’s daughter. I asked for help in my August Newsletter and boy did I get it. So grateful. I selected one and made the change and continued editing. Here’s the newsletter link:

Yikes. The name I picked was a longer form of David’s sister’s name. She is the heroine in TRUTH BE TOLD and plays a role in VULNERABLE. So that didn’t work, but I went back to my suggestions and found another name. I’ll announce that name and the winner of the contest in my September Newsletter.

Second published book

Cover Reveal also will be in the September Newsletter. 100 Covers had sent me two options. I made suggestions, and they sent me two new options. I shared those two with my Beta Readers and my long ago critique partner. All five of these people picked the same one. It was not the one I would have chosen on my own, but I’m going with their choice. I do love it. While there are reasons, I thought the other one was better, I wouldn’t use it if I didn’t love it. Can’t wait to show you next month.

Now if that isn’t a teaser, I don’t know what is. 😊 Stay tuned for new name of daughter, the person who suggested it, and the COVER REVEAL for VULNEARABLE.

The other big deal I want to talk about is my book signing on Sunday, August 28.

This event will focus on COMPROMISE that released last fall. I’ve got to take a break from edits to find and work on a reading from this book. I’ll have copies of all my books at Leaves Book & Tea Shop. Thanks to the owner, Tina Howard, for carrying several of my print books on the shelves. It’s a charming place, and I’m happy to draw attention to this independent bookstore.

Here’s the book trailer.

It’s been just over a year, since I had a book signing, and that event focused on TAINTED. The book signing for that book was delayed because of Covid.

Me reading from TAINTED at Leaves last year.

I’ve actually put up this event on Facebook and invited a ton of folks—everyone who I thought was remotely local. LOL If I missed you and you’re interested, please come. I’m providing the refreshments using the wonderful teas and snacks that Leaves has. If you haven’t stopped by this shop before, this is a great opportunity. Let me know if you can come.

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