So This Happened

After the draught, the rains came. And Came. And Came. When we bought this property in 2015, the water was farther from edge of retaining wall than with this draught. However, it didn’t fill up as fast, taking a couple of months. Right after moving in in 2016, I broke my ankle trying to rescue plants from a rainstorm approaching.

As opposed to 8 feet from the retaining wall, this draught is a bit ove 4 ft from wall. And yes, its okay to enjoy the gorgeous sunset. 🙂

Well Monday morning I hurried to get Charley outside to pee before the rains set in. I took a tumble from the back stoop while holding Charley. We both went flying. I hit my left wrist (back of hand) on a curb (I think) and Charley cut his back paws on the broken pot that I crashed into.

The small cut on back of hand bled a lot.

This was all before I’d had even a sip of coffee. I managed to get up and scoop him up and stumble into the house. Blood is getting everywhere. My wrist hurts like anything. Bob comes in and I tell him we need to take Charley to the emergency clinic. We paused long enough to dress. I put in my one contact. Clutching Charley and his bloody towel we set off.

By the time we got to clinic the bleeding had stopped, and he could walk without limping. The nurse looked and didn’t see anything wrong with his paws. And they didn’t even charge us!

We stopped at Walgreens so I could get a wrist brace and Charley could pee, becuse he doesn’t go out in the rain. Hence the concern to begin wiht. Then picked up breakfast from Dunkin. It was definitely a day that needed Dunkin.

Walgreen’s Brace

I have two blogs to write this week, so today (Monday), I’m doing mine. Wednesday, I’ll write the one for the WORD BY WORD Blog.

Tuesday now. Late yesterday afternoon, I broke down and went to Care Now to check on my wrist/back of hand. Thankfully, the Xrays did not show a break. I have a new brace, need to ice frequently, and keep it elevated. Use asprin as needed for the pain. And keep this up until I don’t have pain when I move my7 hand anymore—6 to 9 weeks. Yikes. But no surgery. I’ll take it. I use my left hand for a lot of stuff. Bob is going to get tired of me asking for assistance for so many tiny things. He’s been great, but this will get old.

We are grateful for the rain, but not the flooding. My daughter told me I need to not go outside to do anything before a storm since I don’t have a good track record. (See first paragraph.) 😊

The water was about 3 feet infront of the bottom step which you cannot see because it’s under water.
Porch Pot. Empty because the heat killed the Hydrangea. It has about 7 inches of water in it! DFW got 9 inches. Dallas and East Texas got as much as 13 inches.

So, have you gotten any of this crazy rain sliding across the country? And when did the meteorologist start calling rains a “monsoon”? That’s a term I associate with Asia. And “cyclones” are in the Pacific. The other day, the weather person referenced a cyclone hitting way south Texas and Mexico on the Gulf side. What’s going on?

As always, love to hear from you.

PS Don’t forget book signing and reading Sunday, August 28.

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10 responses to “So This Happened

    • Hey, Vicki. Yeah, she’s nailed it. I will not go out to rescue anything ever again when rain is setting in. Poor Charley, he’ll just be out of luck. 🙂 Thanks so much for stopping by.


  1. Really sorry to hear this, Marsha. There’s been very heavy rain in New Zealand, where my daughter lives, and she was stuck in her part of town because of landslides last week. I hope you and Charley are both OK.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hey, Helena. Oh my goodness. I hadn’t heard about the floods in New Zealand. I hope she is all right. I said to Bob the other day as bad as the drought has been (we’ve lost lots of plants, and I really worry about the trees just out in the wild–they look brownish orange like fall though we have fall in November) still flooding is so much worse. Charley has a bandage on his left foot to keep him from licking it. Not sure this is going to work, since he’s not walking on it. We may have to use the blow-up neck thing and take the bandage off. Yeah, goning to be so much more careful. Thanks so much for stopping by. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    • Hey, Susan. Thank you. My hand is doing really well. I’m still wearing the big brace and icing it, but I’ve got so much more movement without pain. Of course, now I have to be careful not to hurt it again doing something I shouldn’t. 🙂 Thanks so much for stopping by. 🙂


    • Hey, Susan. Thank you. My hand is doing really well. I’m still wearing the big brace and icing it, but I’ve got so much more movement without pain. Of course, now I have to be careful not to hurt it again doing something I shouldn’t. 🙂 Thanks so much for stopping by. 🙂


  2. Oh, Marsha. I’m so sorry about your hand and about Charley. What a horrible thing to happen. I hope you both will be feeling much better soon.

    We had a little rain, but are more in a drought. We could use rain.

    Heal well.


    • Hey, Susan. It was a pretty traumatic experience and could’ve been so much worse. Lucky neither of us broke bones. So much better now. Expect my hand will be sore for maybe another week. Keeping it braced and using ice seems to be the key.Thanks so much for stoppinb by.


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