Technology Woes

So I ran into a real issue with my work emails and was off for almost a day and a half. Might not have been bad, but I was up against a couple of deadlines.

Some of my deadlines are self-imposed, but they all aren’t. I’m excited to tell you I’m going to be the featured author in a romance magazine in November, and the deadline for submittingt the form is Saturday, October 15. That should be plenty of time you say. Except we’re going on a tiny fall vacation to east Texas for several days, and while I’ll have internet and my Surface Pro, I don’t have all the documents and jpgs on that device. Transferring it will be a pain. So I really need to get it done before we leave.

But I digress. The issue with the emails was my credit card expired and for some reason the new one didn’t kick in—which is what usually happens. It’s a once a year payment, and I just missed it. I also didn’t have an alternative address in the records, so they (Go Daddy) couldn’t contact me. That has been fixed.

This is total Greek to me. I don’t even know if I should share it. LOL

And thankfully after two hours on the phone with a lovely woman called Mona at GoDaddy, she got the job half-way done. She was very patient and kind despite my almost total ignorance about what was going on.

Then she told me I had to get with WordPress to enter all the “thingies” she added/changed to make the work complete. So after another two hours with a delightful guy named Josh, he got me almost up and running. He didn’t have to make the changes for me, but he did. When I looked at it all, I knew I literally might not be able to do it, plus how long it would take me. So, Josh, thank you very much.

You can see my dialogogue with Josh on the far right. I asked him if he was a real person. In a text thing, you can’t always tell. He was.

It was longer than Mona said—15-30 minutes after the WordPress work was done before I’d have emails again. But not as long as Josh said it might be—up to 72 hours. That would’ve been disastrous.

About mid-morning on Wednesday, I got my emails back. And I found pictures from Jody Tyvek who is doing my trailer for VULNERABLE. So I immediately responded to her.

I completed the info for the article and fiddled with my pictures that needed to be a specific size—honestly don’t know if I did that right. But when I sent the email with the document and all the jpgs, it bounced back and told me it was undeliverable. I mean I cut and pasted the address the folks told me to use. What’s with that? I tried a couple of versions, and it never went through. As I write this on Wednesday night, I’m hoping to hear back from the editor with an email that will work.  I don’t think it was too much stuff. I understood the directions to include everything in the email. But maybe I wasn’t supposed to do that. (She said rubbing on hand over her eyes in confusion. ) 🙂

So all in all, it’s been a frustrating couple of days with technology. But I am grateful to Mona at GoDaddy and Jeff at WordPress for all their help. And the magazine is really cool. You should sign up to get it. Here’s a link that should let you sign up.

Fingers crossed I get this settled before we head out of town.

Am I the only person who has these kinds of technology problems? Do you have a close family friend or relative who fixes things for you? I don’t and just muddle around, not always understanding the lingo.

Hope you’re having beautiful fall weather and life is good. As you know, fall is my favorite time of the year. As always love to hear from you.

We don’t have any changes to leaves yet, but fortuately I have lots of pictures.

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4 responses to “Technology Woes

  1. Congratulations, Marsha for being the featured author in a romance magazine in November. How truly exciting!!

    Whenever I have technical problems, I am lucky to have Bill. Even if he can’t figure something out right away, eventually he does.

    Have a wonderful trip!! You deserve it!! 🙂


  2. Hey, Susan. How lucky you are to have Bill. Well for technology and all his wonderful blaking. I saw where your latest book releases Nov. 1. I’ll be sure to pre-order. Looking forward to reading it. Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

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