Thanksgiving 2022

This will be brief because I hope you are busy with cooking and eating and family and friends. That’s how I’m spending the day. But I wanted to make sure you knew about the Black Friday 99 Cent Book Sale on COMPROMISE, which was my attempt at a Hallmarkish type story. Except of course, we had a murder on page two. LOL Most of the Hallmark Christmas elements are in this story though. It’s a fun read with plenty of chills and those aren’t just because of the weather.

Black Friday through Cyber Monday. Here’s the Trailer:

Here’s the Buy Link for COMPROMISE:

          The heroine in COMPROMISE has a sister, and the sister is the heroine in VULNERABLE. I’m so excited for this book to be released on December 1. We’ll have a Release Day party here and on my Facebook Author page. We’ll give away e-books, and Amazon & Starbucks gift cards. Please come to one place or the other or both to improve your chances of winning. 😊

Here’s the Pre-Order link for VULNERABLE.

Here’s the Tailer for VULNERABLE


          I wish you and your family a wonderful Thanksgiving.

          Love to hear from you.

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8 responses to “Thanksgiving 2022

  1. Happy Thanksgiving Marsha. We’ve already had our Thanksgiving up here but there’s always lots to be thankful for and I’ll eat a piece of pumpkin pie to celebrate with you. Compromise is a wonderful, Hallmark type Christmas, except of course for the murders. Hate it when that happens, don’t you? And Vulnerable sounds like another winner. I have it on pre-order!


    • Hey, Pat. I had such good intentions with COMPROMISE. LOL I think I will start celebrating y’all’s holiday, too. I love turkey & dressing and cranberries. Thanks for the pre-order and for stopping by. 🙂


  2. Happy Thanksgiving, Marsha, Bob, and famiy!! ☺🦃

    I’m sorry I’ll miss your book release party, but I’ll be looking forward to reading Vulnerable!!

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