Release Day Party for VULNERABLE

Happy December. Welcome, all. So excited for this day to finally come. VULNERABLE is out in the world. E-book only for now. Print in early 2023. If you aren’t one of the lucky ones to walk off with an e-copy of the book today, here’s the buy link:  

The H & H are in their 50s in this book, which takes place in Fort Worth. I’ll pop in and out all day to post messages. (It’s Mah Jong day at church, and I really hate to miss. 😊)

So let’s get to it. You can enter for an opportunity to win one of 2 e-copies of VULNERABLE or 1 $10 Starbucks GC or 1 $10 Amazon GC, or 1 print copy of COMPROMISE.

By the way, this same contest is taking place on Facebook at  (20+) Marsha Riegert West | Facebook  I’ll be giving away the same things over there, so you can increase your chances of being one of the lucky persons by making a comment there, too.

What do you have to do to enter? Answer the question bleow and let me know you’ve signed up for my Newsletter  MRW Press LLC ( and/or have followed me on Book Bub. Marsha R. West Books – BookBub

In case you’ve missed it, here’s the trailer for VULNERABLE

Because we’re in the Christmas/Hanukkah season, answer this question. What has been your favorite holiday gift?  I have a couple. Here’s the first: When our daughters were young, my husband surprised me with a ski trip to Crested Butte, Co. We’d never gone before. He had a client who had a ski shop. We didn’t know what we were doing, but boy did we look good. First pic is first trip. Second pic is the next year when we took the girls to Winter Park. (Yes, this was many, many years ago.) 🙂 The girls were real troopers.

Another time my husband gave me a rattan swing for our den. I spent a ton of time in that thing. It was wonderfully comfortable. In the pic below, I’m drinking hot tea and reading a romance novel. Also a long time ago. 🙂

Here’s the Trailer for COMPROMISE. You can win a print copy of this book. It’s my Hallmarkish type book with a murder. LOL

The third special gift was a waterfall diamond ring. We’d been to St. Thomas on a work trip (crazy for sure.) I saw a ring in a small store that I fell in love with. Unbeknownst to me, my husband went back to the shop later and bought that ring. I was blown away on Christmas morning when I opened the small package.  The ring is just as beautiful today. My hands not so much. LOL

My husband is a really good gift giver. There have been many others, but these early ones were very special because they were such a surprise.

The drawing here will go through Sunday, and then on Monday I’ll do a random drawing of those of you who have commented. The Facebook Blog Party will end at 11:45 Dec. 1.

My newsletter will go out next week, and the winners will be announced there, too. Thanks so much for stopping by. And thanks for helping me celebrate my 10th book, VULNERABLE. 🙂 Good luck. Love to hear from you.

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13 responses to “Release Day Party for VULNERABLE

  1. My favorite gifts were homemade ones from my kids throughout the years. Usually cards or made out of clay or other craft materials😻❤️ I’m subbed and have liked you on bookbub. 😻❤️

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  2. My favorite was a scrawny, supposedly Westie puppy (we had doubts), probably from a horrible puppy mill. I’d been watching her in a pet shop where no one seemed to want her for weeks, and my husband surprised me with her on Christmas Eve. ❤

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  3. My husband secured a watercolor my BFF had painted…I’s asked her if she would ever consider parting with it because I loved it so much and she had declined. Somehow, he talked her into parting with it for me…I’ve had it hanging in my room ever since…almost 40 years…

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  4. Hello Marsha, many congratulations on your release. Your ring is beautiful! What a lovely and thoughtful gift to treasure!
    One year, when my children were teenagers/students, and I was having a lot of family round, I said instead of buying each other presents, perhaps we could each write/draw/create one or two pages, on any subject of our choice, and I’d collate everything, print out multiple copies, and bind the pages to make a book each for us all to keep a copy. I still have the book from that year. It was a lot of fun and cost nothing.
    Wishing you all the best with your new novel!

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  6. I worked graveyard at our local hospital one year and we were doing some type of Reno on our place. I was home shortly after 7:00 to open presents and have Christmas breakfast. When it got to my present my boys had me close my eyes and then led me down to the bedroom where the bed had new. flannel sheets and pillows. I think there was a new comforter and it had been painted but after a busy night in ER those flannel sheets were the best thing I’d ever seen, or felt, when I got into bed. When I got up we went to the Empress for Christmas dinner. This was a big deal then. Nurses and staff from all over the hospital that I didn’t even know were stopping me for weeks leading up to Christmas were asking me about it.

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    • Hey, Pat. Gosh thank you for those years of nursing and sacrificing for others. What a wonderful surprise from your kids. A long lasting gift for sure. Thanks so much for sharing and for stopping by by to share in the celbration. 🙂


  7. Congratulations, Marsha!! I’m so happy for you. I just bought my copy of Vulnerable. Looking forward to reading your latest.


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