Christmas Postscript

I missed it. Well mostly. I’d been fighting a cold for most of the week before the big day and this week. I’m seldom sick and can’t even remember when the last time was. (Oh when I was in school, yes, I regularly got colds and sinus infections. A perk of retirement is I mostly avoid all that.) Probably shouldn’t have gone to the Christmas Eve service with my younger daughter’s family, but I didn’t have fever yet, and I kept on my mask. It was a lovely service and meant a lot given that I totally missed Christmas Day.

Our family shares the holidays, and my older daughter Kathryn hosts Christmas. This year they held it at their ranch southwest of Fort Worth. I had no energy, and it wouldn’t have been good for the family for me to go. I spent the day in the recliner kind of watching Hallmark Christmas movies and kind of dozing. Bob took Charley for his morning walk, but I had to take him in the evening because he and family weren’t back. It was hard. Afterwards I returned to the recliner.

Grandaughter Lilly makes the best Egg Free and Gluten Free Sugar Cookies! I ate too many.

This is how Charley deals with the really cold weather of this Christmas.

I’ve only just seen some of the wonderful Facebook Christmas pictures people have shared. And I’m making this another short post because I’m just tired. Hope the Dr. Wednesday morning gives me meds. (The Dr. prescribed an antibiotic but haven’t picked it up yet. Still resting a lot and really missing my Pilates and my 10 K steps. ☹)

Oh don’t forget the SMASHWORDS ½ Price sale.

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So tell me how was your Christmas or Hanukkah celebration? Did you have to travel? I certainly hope you did not. The news coverage has shown horrific stories. Love to hear from you.  Happy New Year.

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3 responses to “Christmas Postscript

  1. I’m so sorry to hear you’ve been ill, Marsha. It’s very hard having to get up and look after others when you’re sick yourself. I hope you feel better soon and are at least managing to relax and enjoy the Christmas movies. Take care xx

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