Half-Way Through January

We only have 2 ½ weeks left in this month. At this rate, we’ll hit June before we know it.

I have exciting news to share about a 5 Star Review of VULNERABLE from the folks at NN Lights Book Heaven. I’m over the moon pleased by the reviewers words:

“A powerful book about the strength of a woman. This book really reached me, and I was deeply touched. Strong writing and excellent character development make this such a gripping read. The romance is well done and realistic for older people. The depth of feeling presented will make some reach for tissues. The suspense was strong and really intense at times. The evil that existed in Maddie’s world was vile. A fan of this author will want to get this book. A solid read for your e-reader. I will want to read more by this author. If your interest is romantic suspense, then read this book and you won’t be disappointed.”

If you haven’t gotten your copy, this might be the time.


I’m still waiting for the proof of the print copy of VULNERABLE. Will hare that info as soon as I have it.         

Last week I mentioned a couple of upcoming events:

January 15, Food For Love Blog. Here’s the link. http://j-arleneculiner.over-blog.com/ I’ll share a recipe for food prepared in VULNERABLE.

January 16, I will present at the Arlington Woman’s Club. Haven’t done one of those in a while and I’m looking forward to going.

January 23, a Bookstagram thing from NN Light. (Confession time again: I don’t really know what Bookstagram is.

January 26, VULNERABLE will be spotlighted in Brenda Margriet’s Newsletter. Here’s a link to her site so you can sign up for her newsletter. https://www.brendamargriet.com/ She writes spicy romance with older characters.

You know I’m always about what’s going on in the real world. For all of you impacted by the terrible storms on the west and east coast and the middle of the country, I’m praying for y’all. My goodness the floods and avalanches are terrifying.

Hopefully, the rains will stop soon. The extremes of weather we’re all experinceing is nuts. We’ve had two days of way abve temps for January, breaking records of 83 degrees. Obvviosly, in the big scheme of thigns, we’re lucky. Oh, we’re probably going to lose some plants as they start to bloom early only to be slapped back when we get freezing temps again. Still we’re losing plants not lives.

Book 11 Update: Nothing yet! Hopefully, after I get past some of these marketing events, I’ll be able to focus on what’s next. I’m really getting antsy to be writing again.

What’s going on with the weather where you are?

Thanks for stopping by. As always I’d love to hear from you.

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