Allergies, Spring Happenings, Earth Day

Maybe I should have reversed the title. Spring Happenings = Allergies. This year seems to be worse than usual. You know…stuffy nose and sneezes even with medication. Apparently, I have the privilege of living in the worst city in the country for allergies! And you know I’m stuck with this. My husband, kids, and grands are here. I’m not moving. (Though I threaten to do that often.) LOL

So leaving the sniffles, let’s talk about the fun time last Saturday at the Haltom City Public Library Local Author Event. And it was a lot of fun. Thank you, Alison Long and library staff. They even provided our lunch, and they have wonderful patrons. Many of us from my writing chapter attended, which made it even more fun. Writers tend to be solitary, so any opportunity to compare notes on what’s working and what’s the latest and greatest is special.

Me and my books. I’ve just ordered a table top book stand, which should make the set-up easier. 10 books take up a lot of space on a table!

Basket awarded in a drawing on Monday after the Saturday event with 4 of my books, wine, glasses, chocolate, and a vanilla candle. These are fun to put together.

One of my favorite readers always comes to this event, Belinda Capps. Belinda has read almost all of my books. Every year since we’ve been coming to HCPL we get to visit, and she buys my latest book. In fact she’s the reason I wrote my 10th book, VULNERABLE. At least she’s the reason the hero is David Bourland. David is the brother of the heroine in TRUTH BE TOLD, my second published book. And from the time she finished reading that book, Belinda wanted to know what happened to David. When was I going to tell David’s story?

Belinda and me. 🙂

I really wanted to tell David’s story, but I couldn’t figure out how to get him back to Fort Worth from LA where we left him at the end of TRUTH BE TOLD. And then I wrote the series which took all my focus. Finally, I finished the series and started on several stand alone books. And after the book set in New Hampshire, COMPROMISED, I was able to come back to Fort Worth with the sister of the heroine in COMPROMISED as the heroine, and David got to be the hero in VULNERABLE.

Never doubt the power you have as readers. We authors really want to make you happy.

This Saturday, I’m attending a writing retreat with people in my writing chapter. Looking forward to cranking out a bunch of words for book 11.

And Saturday is Earth Day. Ever sense last spring when our chruch women’s retreat fell on Earth Day and we focused on being better stewards of the earth, we have participated in Fort Worth’s pilot project on composting. I have a small bucket I keep in the refigerator. When it gets full, I transfer the food stuffs to the larger bucket I keep in the washroom. And Then every 3 weeks, we take the bucket and dump it into designated locked bins where it’s used to fertilize gardens. It’s not a big thing, but I feel like I’m doing something.

I nearly forgot to tell you I have a book signing for VULNERABLE Sunday, April 30 from 2-4 at Leaves Book and Tea Shop 120 Saint Louis, Fort Worth. If you’re local,I hope you’ll mark your calendar. More about this later. 🙂

What do you do for the earth? Do you suffer from allergies, seasonal or all year long (the way I do Fungus is always out there!)? Have you ever contacted an author about his or her book? What was that experience like?

As always I’d love to hear from you.

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One response to “Allergies, Spring Happenings, Earth Day

  1. You look great in the picture. Love your big smile. You are a busy gal, but I think you thrive when you are busy writing and promoting. Allergies in FL were bad this winter, now in Mchigan ready for another spring release of pollen. Enjoy all your events. Love that gift basket!


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