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Review: Tainted is another great romantic suspense novel by Marsha West. Talk about suspense. Although early in the story we know who the bad guy is, West builds the suspense that kept me reading. Probably because the characters are well-developed and I connected with them. Love the real location of the story. I can tell from Ms. West’s writing how much she loves the place too. Sounds like a place we would enjoy visiting. This is a book any romance reader will enjoy.

Socialite and philanthropist Elizabeth Hartman needs to start a new life after divorcing her husband Gerry Richardson who’s in federal prison for money laundering, a crime the Feds suspected her of being involved in. Her mother’s family vacation home in Red River, New Mexico offers just the respite she needs. Or does it? 

One too many deaths sent retired Dallas homicide detective and now Marshall Matt Thornton to Red River to seek a less dangerous place to serve. The New Mexico mountains promised to be that refuge until his high school sweetheart Liz Hartman arrives, bringing with her danger to his town and his heart.

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