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December 2022 Release!

Buy link: https://books2read.com/u/4Nd0GG

Trailer: https://youtu.be/Q2uaEusbZtI

Blurb: Interior designer and junior college professor Maddy Crawford Crain strives to stand on her own after the unexpected death of her husband two years ago in a car wreck. Being sexually harassed at work makes her feel vulnerable and forces her to seek help.
          Former LA Homicide Detective and now security expert David Bourland wants to protect his clients and protect his heart after seeing his wife gunned down. Maddy’s problems draw on all his protective instincts to keep her safe.
          Will the harasser’s obsession turn deadly? Will David’s fear of falling in love with someone who could die violently and Maddy’s determination to stand on her own keep them from finding each other?

Fall 2021 Release!

BLURB: Widowed, shop keeper, and transplanted Texan Jessica Allen fights to protect the green in the New Hampshire town of Tidbury, settled by her late husband’s family. New Hampshire of the beautiful fall leaves, picturesque Christmases, and sometimes brutal winters. She’s angry to learn developers plan to use Worley Construction, a company she holds responsible for her husband’s death. When a member of the board of selectmen is murdered, family and friends encourage Jessica to run for the seat. Will threats force her to compromise her principles?

Review: “Mature romance is very popular right now, but Marsha’s been writing it for years. The plot is equal parts romance and suspense with smooth pacing. The descriptive narration will sweep you away and you’ll become a part of the story. Compromise is pretty intense at times, and I must admit, I stayed up late into the night reading.” 5 Stars


Review: Tainted is another great romantic suspense novel by Marsha West. Talk about suspense. Although early in the story we know who the bad guy is, West builds the suspense that kept me reading. Probably because the characters are well-developed and I connected with them. Love the real location of the story. I can tell from Ms. West’s writing how much she loves the place too. Sounds like a place we would enjoy visiting. This is a book any romance reader will enjoy

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8 responses to “HOME

  1. Hi Ms Marsha,!
    A while back you asked for name suggestions, to which I tossed out Megan and Morgan. To my surprise, you liked them.
    Well, Megan and Morgan ate actually co-workers if mine. I take every chance I get to encourage any of my coworkers of my coworkers to read the authors I’ve found. Morgan asked the other day about your books. She asked which book her name was used in. I couldn’t remember!!
    Can you help me out so I can get her pointed in the right direction?
    Thank you!


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