Endings & Beginnings

You know I work on getting my 10,000 or more steps every day. Not as many as some, but still good. Walking in the neighborhood with the lake nearby and lots of trees and flowers, and the sounds of birds seems to lend itself to more ponderings than walking in the mall does.

IMG_3093 (1) This grows wild and untended. It comes back every year and eventually will have a ton of these flowers on it.

This morning’s walk got me to thinking about the approaching endings in my life. I’ve spent the last three years serving on my church’s governing board, the session, but that will end as new elders take over for the outgoing class. Leaving the session means I won’t chair two church committees. I’ll still serve on them, but not have a leadership role.

The other thing that’s ending very soon is the Relocation Central Commission and my chairing of that group. The RCC had its first meeting exactly two years ago today (Thursday, May 21) to begin the process of figuring out how to move us from our old church building which we’d been in for over 75 years to a new building, with a detour to a temporary spot before making it to our new home. That move physically took place the end of March/first of April. Yes, the stay at home orders had gone into effect, but apparently moving is considered an essential business, for which I’m grateful. IMG_5437 Old building.

parking lot New building. I don’t have a completed picture!

For the first year we met weekly, then we met once a month, and finally went back to weekly meetings as the time to move into the new building approached.near office We saved many, but not all of the stained glass windows.

We’re talking a kajillian agendas and even more minutes in various forms as they got edited. We were blessed by having excellent folks taking minutes. It will take forever to go through and prune documents from my hard drive and the paper copies! And we’ve had great folks keeping up with the money. We’re all glad to know I didn’t have to do that. LOL

I will miss spending time with the folks on the RCC. We’ve definitely bonded over the experience. Because of the pandemic, we haven’t been able to have a dedication for the new facility. It’s disappointing. We’ve finished our work but can’t celebrate. Services are live streamed from there, and we watch on Zoom and FB.

For the last year I’ve also been moderator for our Presbyterian Women of the Church. When I agreed to be the Co-Moderator, I foolishly expected the move “thing” to get accomplished in six to 9 months! I expected to be mostly through with the RCC before PW kicked in full time. Nope. Not the way it happened.

I tell you all of this—some of which I’ve mentioned in earlier posts—to make the point, I’m about to have a giant void in my life. Besides, the issue of suddenly having more “free” time, is the more important issue of not being “in the know.” And trusting others to make good decisions without my input. LOL  And I do trust them, but yes, it will be an interesting transition.

Many years ago, when I left the school board after serving for eight years, I experienced a similar transition. One day walking in the mall back then I found this plaque.IMG_3094

The words made me feel so much better about the changes taking place. I’ve kept this plaque out on my desk ever since then to remind me to keep open about change, something I’m not terribly fond of. I’ve found the saying on the plaque to be true.

Certainly, these days, we’re all experiencing upheaval, change, odd endings and beginnings. I hope you will find the saying on this plaque to be as comforting as I have. What kinds of endings, beginnings, and changes have you experienced? As always, I love to hear from you.

Next Wednesday, May 27, I will be live on FB and maybe uTube at 1:15 Central time for about 12 minutes talking about my writing and books. I hope you’ll be able to stop by. I don’t have the link at this time but will send out a separate blog post with that whenever I get it. And of course, put it on FB and Twitter. Three other Texas authors will be in the same same hour 1-2. I’ll probably read from one or two of my books during that time, but who knows. Twelve minutes is not very long. As always, I love to hear from you.

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