#thankfulthursdays December 3

I know, it’s December and November is past, but I have a lot to be thankful for, and so I’ll probably stick with the subject through this month. 🙂 And hey, we’re in holiday mode–lights and decorations are going up and sales are everywhere!

Let’s just be frank here.  My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving. I love the food and gathering of friends and family. IMG_2651

Last week for only the second time in 44 years, my husband and I didn’t eat at home. My older daughter’s in-laws invited all the family to visit them in their digs just outside of Fredricksburg, TX. (My younger daughter & family couldn’t come. They went to Tulsa to be with her husband’s family, but he would’ve liked this compound.)

The Texas Hill Country is a beautiful area and the in-laws place did not disappoint. FullSizeRender(73) Club house, not their place! LOL

We stayed in something called a Sunday House in a golf community. Maybe you’re familiar with the term. My husband & I weren’t. From the Texas State Historical Association we read:

SUNDAY HOUSES. Sunday houses were small second dwellings maintained near a church as a weekend place of residence. They became popular in the late 1800s among farmers and ranchers who lived in areas too remote to permit commuting to services. The families owning such houses normally left their farms and ranches Saturday morning, journeyed to town, took care of shopping and business, attended an evening dance or party, and spent the night in the Sunday house. On Sunday they attended church in the morning and either returned home in the afternoon or attended Sunday school in the afternoon, and then spent a second night in town. Sunday houses were also used when a member of the family needed to stay in town to conduct business or receive medical attention. Some Sunday houses became the residences of retired ranchers when their land was turned over to their sons. Although in Texas Sunday houses were almost exclusively confined to Germans in the Hill Country, particularly Gillespie County, the phenomenon was not unique to Texas. Similar houses were used in the 1660s in Middlebury, Connecticut, and a counterpart to the Sunday house exists in the Pennsylvania Dutch country.

We stayed ten minutes outside of Fredricksburg on a ranch that had both homes and the Sunday House complexes, spread over lots of acres. They feature a large gathering room with kitchen, dining and living area and large porch. Within a few steps of the gathering room were all the bedrooms, each in its own building complete with bathroom and microwave, fridge, and coffee pot. FullSizeRender(21) The in-laws got all three grands gingerbread houses. Very sweet of them and lots of fun.

The beauty of this arrangement, allowed all the families plenty of room when they wanted to be together, but space to be apart. The grands could easily take naps without the adults worrying about making too much noise and waking them up. And of course, vice versa. 🙂

While the guys check out the men’s locker room, the girls ham it up. IMG_2652

We ate lunch in the club dining room. Food was scrumptious.  FullSizeRender(20)Had the best roasted Brussel Sprouts. The turkey was almost as good as Bob’s, and that’s saying something. Unfortunately, they ran out of cranberries. But it was nice not to have spent the morning cooking or the afternoon cleaning up.

One of the things I loved best about the trip (aside from family, of course) was having such a great place to walk. Every morning, Bob & I got in an easy 5000 or more steps, making it very easy on the walk after lunch to reach over our 10 K step goal.


And the best part of the walk? (Besides the grands!) Deer! We saw lots of white tailed deer.   FullSizeRender(22) Can you see them left of the trees? The pics don’t do them justice. You’d see a flash of movement and catch the white tail then with luck see more of them. They were usually in bunches of three to five. Beautiful creatures.IMG_2639 I caught him in mid-leap! 

I love being in nature, especially with all the comforts of home. This was a unique experience for us. We’re thankful to our daughter’s in-laws for including us.

We had fog and lots of rain returning on Friday. Then the deluge hit, and out at the lakehouse the water went way over the retaining wall for the third time since May! Pictures next week. (This is called a teaser. :))

So how was your Thanksgiving? Did you stay home? Travel? How was the weather? What’s your favorite food?

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13 responses to “#thankfulthursdays December 3

  1. What a wonderful Thanksgiving you had. Thanks for sharing. I had never heard of Sunday homes. The post is a real treat.
    We had our Thanksgiving a month ago, but I still remember the turkey:)
    Best Wishes

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  2. What a lovely Thanksgiving, Marsha! Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful photos. I’m glad the weather stayed dry there at least, and you could do plenty of walking. I’d never heard of Sunday homes, either, but your explanation made a lot of sense. How interesting!
    So glad you had such a fun time, and I do hope the rain is now easing off.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hey, Helena. Yes, thank you. The rain has finally stopped. We have about a week of blue skies, with lows in the 30s and highs of upper 50s. Just delightful and all are trees have finally turned. It’s beautiful!
      I love the Sunday House idea. I’d not run into them before. After a visit to Connecticut with second daughter and her husband many years ago, S-I-L decided he liked the idea of a compound for all the family. We saw an estate with several very nice homes on it. All the family was near, and as the grandparents needed less space they moved to one of the smaller homes, and the largest family moved into the big house. The Sunday house thing with the large gathering room is similar. Thanks for stopping by. 🙂


  3. Hi Marsha, what a delightful, memorable Thanksgiving. Sunday houses are new to me too. Very clever idea and the accommodations look comfy and modern. Great photos of the area and of your beautiful family. We had our neighbors over for Thansgiving dinner.Our family is in Michigan, so missing them on holidays is one drawback of being snowbirds. Played games in the afternoon after stuffing ourselves and then had dessert after the games. A very FULL day!

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    • Hey, JQ. I wondered about the family thing with y’all’s travels. You did what my parents always did. Being an Air Force family, we were never near either side for the holidays (I remember two times in all my growing up when we were with each of the families.) Mom and Dad just invited friends. So we almost always had a big group, just not family members. Glad you had a great day. Thanks for stopping and sharing. 🙂


  4. You were treated royally, Marsha! What lovely photos and your family is beautiful.

    When I read the menu, I wondered what you had choose. 🙂

    Thank you for sharing your Thanksgiving with us. And you’re right, there is so much to be thankful for. It is a worthy subject for December (and all year.)

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  5. Sounds like a lovely time. Love the idea of Sunday houses–very practical.
    We spent the morning unpacking more stuff – will it ever end? Then went to our son’s for dinner with his in-laws and our daughter and hubs. Son loves to cook.

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    • Hey, Kate. I’ve missed hearing from you. Have you moved recently? Comments about unpacking make me wonder. I’m not getting your blog anymore since some changes in PR firms. I need to go make sure I’m still signed up.
      I love it when families can join together and have fun. So much easier. Both of our SILs cook. When Bob turns in his baster I’m sure one will take over the turkey duties. I need to make gluten free dressing with vegetable stock. Then both daughters can eat it. Thanks so much for stopping and sharing. 🙂


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