Wimberley Book Festival Reprise

Today is Flag Day in the US. When I was in 6th grade my family  lived in Massachusetts. It was the only time I was in school to celebrate this holiday.

As you know, Bob and I went to Wimberley, TX last weekend for a Texas Authors book festival. We turned it into a mini-vacation and stayed two nights, though we really didn’t need to do that, but we got to reconnect with our long time (20 years!) neighbors who’ve moved to Austin. They drove down to visit with us and see Charley who we took with us. They were really close to Charley. We got to meet their new pup, Taz, a solid black Skipper Key.

IMG_7059 IMG_7061 Judge Susan Barker, author

The best thing (besides seeing our friends) happened not at the book signing, but when we were shopping Saturday night. I met a fan!!

Patty and I went into one of many stores to check out their wares and struck up a conversation with the proprietor and her helper. They were such nice folks and when I asked, “Do you enjoy reading?” The owner said she didn’t read much, but gestured to her friend, who jumped in and said, “I’m a voracious reader.”

So, I whipped out one of my Bitty Booklets. She took it and said, “Oh, I’ve read one of your books!”

IMG_7064 Gretchen Hesse was so fun to meet!

Now I don’t know if you can grasp how exciting this was for me to randomly run into someone (not a friend or relative LOL) who has read one of my books. It was just the coolest. Writing is something like being a radio announcer. You say things, but don’t really know if people hear you.  Occasionally, people write reviews, but most of the time you just don’t know.

Remember, it only takes a minute if you’re reading on Kindle to add the review. I’m pretty sure the other formats do the same thing. Doesn’t have to be long—three sentences will get it. For all authors, I thank you. 🙂

We stayed outside of town on a ranch. The roadrunner pic is for my grandkids. IMG_7068

Rreturning to Fort Worth on Sunday, we stopped in Hico, Texas for a pit stop and found the most beautiful restroom I’ve ever seen at a gas station!  Two chandeliers hung from the ceiling, and I loved the tile on the floor.IMG_7069

Do you travel with your pets? Charley has gone with us three times now. We’re so proud he didn’t bark at the people in the restaurant.IMG_7067 Our friends in the background.

When you travel, do you stay in B & Bs, hotels, or rent whole houses like with VRBO/Home Away?  Love to hear from you.

PS. Happy Father’s Day to all dads Sunday. Everyone can be a dad. Just mentor a kid. Go to your local school and volunteer. 

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5 responses to “Wimberley Book Festival Reprise

    • Hey, Helena. Yes, meeting Gretchen was a real treat! Charely was exhausted when we returned home. He was short on sleep time on the trip. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by. 🙂


    • Hey, Susan. Yes, it was really a kick! It was maybe only the second time that’s happened. Makes my day for sure. We really miss our neighbors, but they needed and wanted to be closer to family. Totally understandable. Happy Father’s Day to Bill. And thanks for stopping by.


  1. I grew up in MA. Flag Day was a big deal in school. Here in FL, our small towns have big ceremonies thanks to the VFW.


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