Have you gone on vacation yet this summer? Do you go to the same place every year? Or do you go to different places?

RGW iPhone 9-2-12 Maine 275 Schooner at Bar Harbor, ME

What are your favorite things to do on vacation? I’m not much for the beach–at least not like going to Florida or the Bahamas.  I’m not a fan of the sun and getting sweaty hot. I like the water, but along the northeastern coast like in Maine, New Hampshire or Connecticut  or the northwestern coast in Washington and Oregon. img_4437 Recognize this? Check out my banner. Portland, ME. We took this pic. 🙂 


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAME does have some sandy beaches.

When we don’t go to the coasts,  our family goes to Red River, New Mexico and have since our girls were young. Picture walkable, small town, babbling brook running through said picturesque small town. Lots of shops & restaurants. Great fishing for those so inclined. Hiking, off-roading, horseback riding, doing a ropes course, enjoying amazing vistas.


I’ll be honest, I don’t do all those things, but members of the family do. When you go on a family vacation, one of the basic rules is everyone doesn’t have to do what everyone else does when everyone else does them. LOL

IMG_5785I mentioned vistas, right?

Red River Vacation , July 2015 600 We see lots of deer

I expect to spend a good bit of time catching up on my reading, getting more than my 10 K steps in every day, shopping, and playing games with the family. It rains often in the mountains in the afternoon. Did I mention napping?

I’ve included shots of  more than just this charming town and activities. Red River is the place I didn’t want to return from WAY back in the day. That feeling formed the seed of my book VERMONT ESCAPE. I may set my next book in Red River. Working on why my Texas heroine has moved there. Will keep you posted.


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Hope to hear about your favorite vacation times. I just read on Blue Zones how important it was for our health to take vacations– more than just the weekend. So take care of yourself and I’d love to hear from you. 🙂

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2 responses to “Vacations!

  1. Wonderful vacation photos, Marsha!! We go on vacation a number of times each year. Usually two big trips and then smaller ones. Tomorrow we are leaving for a getaway for a couple of days to a city we lived in many years ago. Travel is a priority for us, whether close or far.

    I’m talking Bill into going to Europe next year to Spain, France, Italy. Most of the cities are favorite places in Europe like Madrid, Barcelona, Venice, but then some new cities as well.

    In September we are going on a cruise. Bill enjoys cruises the most, from back in the day when he was on call and refused to take a company phone on them. It was the only real way he could relax. I like to travel on land, although I’ve totally accepted going on cruises, know they are in my future, and now enjoy the peace and relaxation, the day in port, and of course the food.
    P.S. I loved Vermont Escape. Vermont is one of two states we’ve never been to.


  2. Your photos are grand!
    Our family didn’t vacation much as children. Perhaps that’s why I loved it so much after I married. Tom and I traveled once or twice a year, sometimes more if you count the long weekend trips we took with our sons.
    Life intervened after Tom’s passing in 2011 and later with my long illness. I’m now back in the groove. This June, I took a road trip north to my Aunt’s home in Minnesota. In July, I traveled with my youngest son and his wife, her parents, and their church group first to Copenhagen, then Norway (cruise), and Amsterdam. An amazing journey! I’ve discovered the joy of cruises. Norwegian fjords are incredible!
    I enjoy traveling to different places. The idea of the same location each year (perhaps a cabin by a lake) has it’s appeal but there are so many places to see. Still on my list — Scotland, Canada, Alaska, and more of the the U.S.


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