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I think this makes me an “Award Winning Author!” 🙂

Okay, drumroll please, here’s the VULNERABLE tease:


On automatic, Maddy Crain closed the door on the last of the well-meaning mourners. Sighing, she leaned against the support of the solid wood.

“How are you holding up, Mom?” Her older daughter Morgan wiped a tear from her eyes. At twenty-seven, blonde and petite like her, Morgan had been a rock through all this terrible and shocking tragedy.

“I guess I’m doing as well as one can expect. Frankly, I don’t know what I’d have done without you and your sister. And I’m so grateful your aunt Jessica got down here. I wish she could’ve stayed longer.” Maddy stepped away from the door. “Lindsay, stop picking up the dishes and both of you come sit with me.” She gripped a hand of both girls and led them to the sofa in the main living area of her small, three-bedroom lake cottage.

“Sure, Mom,” Lindsay, twenty-five, a brunette, taller than both her sister and mother who worked with their mom in their interior design business, settled next to Maddy.

“It has been two weeks since a crazy person ran a red light and broadsided your father’s car. The only comfort in all this is your dad died instantly. You have both been wonderful, taking turns making sure I haven’t been alone, but I am alone now. I’ve got to learn to stand on my own, and not be a burden to either of y’all.”

“Gosh, Mom. You’re not a burden. We’ve been here because we wanted to be here.”

“Thank you for that, Lindsay. You’ve both put your lives on hold, and I appreciate the effort. It will never be the same as when your father was alive, and I need to accept that. The sooner I can start putting the pieces of my life together the better for all of us. I don’t ever want to be this vulnerable again.”

# 10

Still shooting for an early December release. I’ve made this a brief post because thanks to my editor Susan Vaughan, I have a ton of work to do to get the book ready for that deadline. Maybe next week I’ll have the trailer and I hope I can have it on pre-order soon.

So tell me, are you going to stop by to see me Saturday Oct 29? Love for you too. And as always I’d love to hear from you.

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