Book Cover Reveal

I have to send THE THEATRE to my formatter tomorrow, Friday, so decided to make today special (and short), I’d show off Charlotte Volnek’s latest cover. I love her work, don’t you?


Here’s the blurb: Forty-year-old, never been married stage and TV actress Kelly Lawson returns to her Texas  home to choreograph and star in the Glenview Theatre summer season. Kelly’s mother has made a hobby of trailing out every new man in town for Kelly’s inspection, hoping she’ll fall in love and use Glenview as her home base, especially now that Kelly’s father has entered the beginning stages of Alzheimer’s. Two years ago, Kelly broke off an engagement shortly before she discovered her former fiancé dead, a gun in his hand and a hole in his head. Reason enough to guard her heart.

When Kelly accuses a Glenview police officer of harassing two of their gay actors, Police Chief Josh Kincaid, her mother’s candidate for this trip, becomes involved in the investigation. Incidents pile up, making it clear someone has it in, not only for the theatre, but for Kelly as well. Josh searches for clues to the person behind the attacks and the reason for them, all the while trying to ignore his developing feelings. How could he trust his heart to a New York actress?

This is a stand-alone. Wanted to bring it out last year, but didn’t want to have two theatre related books back to back. Shooting for an end of October release. Will keep you posted.  Will do a big book signing in November.

Do you do pre-sales or go to book signings? Do you prefer the “real” book over the e-book?  Love to hear from you.

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10 responses to “Book Cover Reveal

  1. Wow–this book sounds delicious! What a lot of situation for your character to deal with. Can’t wait to read it. The book cover is eye-catching. Love that gal’s pose. Excited for you. I prefer ebooks on my kindle. So much easier to read than a print book. AND I love having the dictionary capability to look up the word immediately instead of writing it down for later. I’m a word nerd. As far as book signings, I’ve only been to a few and yes, I love the pre-order choice because when I read about a book, and want it, I can actually go get it at amazon and know I won’t forget to order it. Amazon gets it to me when it comes out.

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    • Hey, JQ. This was the third book I wrote and the rewrites have been lengthy. Boy, I didn’t know much back then. LOL But I’ve always loved the story. I’ve not done a pre-order before, but will try that on this one. You know me and technology! I appreciate hearing from you. It spurs me to get this done. I said I’d never read an e-book. That’s right up there with my statement, I’d never do Facebook! Thanks for stopping by. 🙂


  2. Oh Marsha!
    The cover knocks the book out of the park. I guess that should be bookstore. lol. I love it. It screams, no wimpy heroine. She’s gorgeous.
    Love your blurb too. Very intriguing.
    I love your theatre stories because you make them so real.
    I’m looking forward to reading this book.
    ps. check out the to/two

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    • Hey, Jo-Ann. So happy everyone loves the cover. As soon as I saw it, I screamed with joy! Love the woman and the hat on my police chief. Really hope everyone loves the story. Thanks for stopping. Appreciate your support.

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  3. Hi Marsha, I love the cover! Charlie always does such a great job. This one really draws people in to read the book. Love the blurb, too, and can’t wait to read it.
    I pre-order ebooks I’m interested in, and I put my last ebook up for pre-order. It was a novella and so I didn’t have a print version. I found out that readers can’t leave a review on Amazon for an ebook whilst it’s on pre-order – but they can leave a review for a print book on pre-order. I had a few people lined up to review the novella and had to ask them to post their reviews on the day of release. It made it more awkward and I think some reviewers just forgot.
    If you put your book up on pre-order I’ll definitely order it. Congrats on finishing it!

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    • Hey, Helena. Getting the reviews out is so important. Good for you for planning that ahead. I need to remember to send out some acrs, but the business end of this just is more than I can wrap my head around sometimes. LOL But lucky to be in the business and meet such neat folks like you. 🙂 Thanks for stopping.

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