Thanksgiving Is Almost Here

Boothbay Harbor, Maine

As those of you who’ve followed this blog for a while know, I LOVE Thanksgiving. It doesn’t hurt that it arrives in the middle of Fall which you know I also LOVE. 

The first story I ever wrote as an adult was about our family’s first Thanksgiving. Both sides of the family came to us in our small Austin apartment. Ever after, save for a couple of exceptions, we’ve celebrated the holiday in our home.

 photo13 Table Our former dining room.

The celebration has changed over the years. Sometimes, we had friends as well as family. Sometimes, we’ve just had family. Sometimes, as we lost loved ones, the family became very small. Of course, the Family has also expanded with our daughters’ marriages to wonderful men and ultimately, the addition of the “grands.” When possible, we’ve included MsIL.

My father was an excellent turkey chef. He taught my husband, who we all agree roasts the best turkey anywhere! Bob is now giving thought to teaching those skills to one of the SsIL so the tradition can continue.


This year, we will be blessed with our nephew, his wife,and their three awesome daughters. Bless Nelson’s heart. He’ll be the only male kid. I’m sure he’ll manage just fine. We’ll be tight, but the more the merrier is what I say. I ’m so grateful that Eric and his family are close to our girls’ families. More cousins is always better.

We have “traditional” foods. As older family members have passed on, younger members have stepped up to make sure we get to enjoy Auntie’s sausage balls and her Christmas Munch (known to others as Chex mix), and my mother’s cranberries and pumpkin pie. img_4695

What are your family traditions around this holiday? One of ours is going around the table so everyone can state what he/she is grateful for even when the grands were  very small.

Is it important to follow those traditions or do you try to do something new every year? Have you always eaten at home or does your family vote for a restaurant holiday?

Next Thursday, you won’t get a blog post from me, but my newsletter will go out with information about an upcoming book sale I’ll run around this holiday. Hint: VERMONT ESCAPE Vermont Escape 300dpi (1)

Thanks to Toni, Toni, (yes, two of them are named Toni 😊)and Julie for volunteering to be my Beta readers on the last book in the Second Chances Series. I’m thinking I can get this to you by mid-December. I’m about half-way through my word search, checking for repetition. As Julie mentioned, this one has taken me a long time.

Wish you a warm, wonderful holiday with lots of family and friends nearby and plenty of great food to eat. (Football if you choose. We watch it in tribute to Auntie who was a huge Cowboys Fan.) Love to hear from you

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10 responses to “Thanksgiving Is Almost Here

    • Hey, Helena. Thanks for the good wishes. My memory is that you Brits don’t have a “Thanksgiving,” but do you have something like it. Or is my memory failing me? Always a possibility. Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

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      • We don’t have a Thanksgiving, Marsha, or even anything like it here that I can think of. I like the idea, though – Christmas without all the stress! Have a great get together!


  1. Happy Thanksgiving, Marsha!!

    We will be having Thanksgiving here with our family. I like to go around the table also and say what we are thankful for. Some years we’ve done that, some years not. But I think it’s a great tradition. We make all of the regular dishes. 🙂

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  2. Yes, our Thanksgiving “tradition” has changed over the years. We are in FL during the holidays and no longer travel north for Christmas. So we now celebrate Thanksmas in September/October before we leave. It’s basically a cookout and yard games. This year was very different since our daughter, Lee Ann, is hosting a foreign exchange student from Denmark. Fun trying to explain Thanksgiving to a Dane! Also one of the grandsons asked if he could invite THE Girlfriend. We also go around the circle and say what we are thankful for. Sometimes very touching and sometimes very funny. Then before any meal, we always sing grace, a camp song, Johnny Appleseed. Do you know it?–“Oh the Lord is good to me…etc.” Wishing you and yours a Happy happy Thanksgiving, Marsha!
    JQ Rose

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    • Hey, JQ. Your Thanksgiving celebration sounds lovely. I think that you celebrate earlier than the “regular” date makes it even more special and signifies what the holiday is all about–being with family and friends and being thankful. Yes, I do know that camp song. Hadn’t thought of it in years. Thanks for that reminder and the good wishes. Enjoy your sunshine. Thanks for stopping by. 🙂


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