I’m so excited to share with you the cover for my next book to be published in April. ACT OF SURVIVAL is the 4th book in the Second Chances Series. It’s the story of Kim Dennison, he last of the four friends in the series. The story takes place in Wichita Falls, Texas, a town I lived in my last two years of high school and four years of college.

(Bob still has family living there, and we go back frequently. If you’re looking for a good Texas state college, check out Midwestern State University. Beautiful grounds and buildings, a very student-centered school. Unpaid Commercial 😊)

My wonderful cover artist, Charlotte Volnek has done all my book covers, and she is great to work with. I love how the woman on this cover suggests a deep sadness. You’ll have to read the book to discover why Charlie placed banquet tables on the cover.

So here’s the cover:Act of survival 300 dpi

I need to do some research on how to do pre-sales with Draft 2 Digital, which is how I’ll put up the book this time. Hopefully that will happen in a couple of weeks.

The book is with my editor, and we’ve had several good discussions. I also lost a whole morning of work Wednesday, when the save thing didn’t work! Time I couldn’t afford to lose. ☹

Here’s the back-cover blurb:

After the deaths of her parents, Kim Mason Dennison, an abused wife, determines to divorce her husband.  Her three childhood friends encourage her to protect herself. Cooper Wray, an attorney who the husband of one of the friend’s recommended, assures Kim because Texas is a no-fault divorce state, Hunter Dennison can’t keep the proceedings from moving forward. However, Hunter will do anything to stop the divorce. Does that include murder?

(I confess I threw this blurb together yesterday. I had written the log line a long time ago, but never turned it into a blurb until I wanted to include it in this post. So you’re seeing the blurb here first, folks. 🙂 )

See how the new cover fits with the other three covers. Love the blood drops on all the covers. Thank you, Charlie.


If you’re a reader, how important to you is the cover of the book? If you’re a writer, do you  create your own covers? Or do you work with a cover artist? Love to hear from you.

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8 responses to “COVER REVEAL

  1. Oooh, I like the cover. Yes, why are those banquet tables there? I know you won’t answer. Charlotte does great covers for sure. So excited to see you are so close to releasing the final book in the series. Good job!! High five!!
    JQ Rose

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    • Hey, JQ. When I saw the first draft, I went, huh? Then it clicked and it’s perfect. LOL Thanks for the high fives. Looking forward to getting the 4th book in the series out there. 🙂 Thanks, too for stopping by.


  2. I love the cover. The stats on wife abuse and partner death always shock me. I’ll be routing for Kim and hoping she not only breaks free but gives him at least a taste of his own back. Maybe some jail time, an accident….

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    • Hey, Helena. You may remember I had to ask here on the blog for ideas on the series title and then the book titles. I do believe you were one of those helpful ones. Titles are just not my strength. I’m blessed to have good friends to help out. I’m excited to get this out out there. I’m going to be doing a Seasoned Romance book sale with Second Act in April close to when this book will be released. I’m hopeful, that will generate interest in the whole series. Thanks so much for stopping by.

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