Busy Weekend

So busy in fact, I’m going to write about part of it on today’s blog (a great book signing) and part of it (the 60th Anniversary of the Gamma Tau Chapter of Sigma Kappa) in the newsletter which will go out next week.

But to begin, I want to encourage y’all who are in the Metroplex to consider driving to Allen, TX on June 9 for the Boas & Tiaras Tea. Should be lots of fun, good eats, wonderful authors, and of course books. Here’s the link to get tickets.2019 Boas Author Graphic Marsha R. West

Now to the awesome book signing in Wichita Falls on Saturday. You may remember that ACT OF SURVIVAL, Book 4 The Second Chances Series is set in Wichita Falls. We have family there, and all along I’d planned to have a book signing there. I got print books in time to do it on May 4 which coincided with the 60th Anniversary of Sigma Kappa at Midwestern State University.

On one of our visits to family, my niece took us to this delightful coffee shop/book store that is housed in a former bank. Wonderful things to eat and drink at the 8th Street Coffee Shop. https://8th-st-coffee-house.business.site/ D’Ann and the staff were super helpful. I got to set up right at the entrance. Thanks to sorority sisters (Becky Richardson & Pat Seyb and their friend Kay Chapa) who arrived early and helped me get set up. I sold more books at the Coffee Shop than at any other signing. (Fellow authors, you know sometimes you go and don’t sell a single book!)

IMG_1127 IMG_1126

Besides so many sisters stopping by, a woman walked in with her mother, took one look at my banner and said, “I’ve read that book!” Lauren Estridge, you made my day! What a delight to meet you. I know you’re going to love living in Wichita Falls. IMG_1128

All in all, I couldn’t have asked for a better day. Signed up a lot of folks for my newsletter. Yes, a great day.

If you do Instagram, you might be interested in this great graphic:  https://www.instagram.com/n_n_light/

If you’ve read ACT OF SURVIVAL, or any of my books, I’d appreciate you leaving a review. And always, I love to hear from you.

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  1. How wonderful, the success of your book signing in Wichita Falls. It was such an interesting book. Congratulations, Marsha!! Great post.

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