Boathouse Issues

I thought I’d written about how excited we were to get our boathouse torn down and rebuilt, but can’t find it. Maybe it’s just FB posts. 🙂  Well, it began in September of 2018, and now it’s June of 2019. We do not have a workable boat house. I am grateful the old structure is safely down. The storms we had in the fall and spring could easily have blown pieces off damaging property or life.

IMG_3976 IMG_0033 Pic left is before work began in September 2018.

It was okay that no work took place during the winter and early spring because we weren’t using the boathouse or dock.  But as spring moved on, the builder did not come back. I called, I texted, I emailed. NOTHING. I just needed to hear from him. Anything. He was sick. Family members were sick. He was too busy to finish the job. He’d died. Of course, someone else would’ve had to tell me that. 😊

IMG_0032 IMG_0339

Work continued in October 2018

But NOTHING. Ultimately, I received the certified letter we’d sent him with the notice from the post office that it was unclaimed, and they’d not been able to forward.

Now this man had done a great job on fixing my concrete retaining wall and building an extra wall in the yard. As you can see from the pics, he took down the old structure and began laying the grid for the new floor of the boathouse. Then NOTHING! IMG_1412

This was taken, Wednesday, July 10, 2019.

So, I’m reporting him to the police. It’s called “Theft of Service.” I don’t really expect to get my money back. I was STUPID and paid him too much before a commensurate amount of work was completed. There’s a price to pay for stupidity. I do have some decking, but I’ve been told it’s not enough to cover the dock and boathouse floor. Being scrupulously fair, I guess I should use the term “alleged” theft of service. But I have the canceled checks and the work is not complete!

Primarily, I’m doing this to help protect others from being caught up by this man, who seemed soooo nice. If he walked up today and said I’m ready to finish the job, I’d probably let him. Wouldn’t give him the last part of the payment, but I’d let him finish the job. Remember, I was happy with the concrete work he’d done. I suspect this will be a lengthy process, and I’ll keep you posted. In the meantime, I’m looking for someone else to finish the boathouse and dock and have several good leads.

So, have you ever been taken in by a smooth-talking likable guy? In construction or otherwise? Love to hear from you.

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8 responses to “Boathouse Issues

  1. Sorry you were taken in by this guy. We’ve never experienced that.

    I don’t watch Hallmark. We are on our first free week of Acorn and then will order it. There are lots of good British mysteries on the channel. We watch one mystery (an hour or less) every evening that we are home. If there is a 2 hour movie, we’ll save it for the weekend.

    I’ve been enjoying seeing photos of your lake. It’s beautiful. In September we will be going to the cabin that we rent with family. Last year I was sick the entire time, just made meals and was in bed by 8:30 p.m. Hardly went outside, if I did. Hope that doesn’t happen this year.

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    • Hey, Susan. Yeah, we’ve never had this happen before either. Really disappointing, He was a nice guy! 😦 I don’t know what Acorn is. ??? I know you’re looking forward to your lake trip. You are certainly owed a good time after last year. Glad you enjoy our lake pics. I’m just always so blown away by how beautiful it is and we live here! Thanks for stopping by. 🙂


  2. Just awful. I would fall for them but my husband never does. He’s trained me and both children to never pay in advance. I see the kindness, understand the logic, and would open my wallet.

    Again, husby is right. I hate that guy at times.

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    • Hey, Jacqui. All the contractors I’ve spoken to in trying to get someone else to finish the job have said your husband is correct. Never pay in advance. One guy says he takes a small percentage to begin, more about midway through with the majority coming after the job is complete. Live and Learn is the expression, but what an expensive learning experience. Thanks so much for stopping by.


  3. I’ve never been burned like that personally. But the fact that he did do a fair amount of work for you before disappearing would have made me willing to write him a check for work and materials coming up. I don’t know how long his company had been going but even long established companies often expect to be paid in thirds. 30% up front, 30% half way in, 30% on completion with a 10% holdback until everything has been thoroughly tested and checked over by the owner. I know when my ex was young and doing small projects with a friend if they didn’t get some money upfront a lot of times they wouldn’t have the money for the materials.

    I’m sorry this happened to you Marsha. You didn’t deserve it and hopefully universal Karma will somehow even it out.

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    • Hey, Pat. I’ve heard about the hold back amount in reference to the remodel work on our new church building. But that seems like a good plan. I understand having to put down some money up front. When I feel the most stupid, I remember what you said, Pat. He’d done good work for me. It wasn’t just someone else’s word. Ah well. Eventually, it will get completed. Kind of like our church! LOL Thanks for stopping by.


  4. Hi Marsha, I’m sorry to hear you were so let down. It’s happened to me once, too. Luckily it wasn’t a great deal of money, but still you feel a fool for trusting people. Then my elderly aunt got a builder in whose whole team were a nightmare from start to finish. I had to involve the police at one stage. It was massively stressful The builder who did the work on our house recently was a diamond. Reliable, efficient, courteous, helpful, everything done on time and quality work. I hope this time you find someone as helpful. Wishing you all the best with it.


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