I don’t know what that word stands for if it stands for anything. I thought today, I’d give you a bit more information about this life changing app I’ve been using for over two months. I mentioned that I’d lost some weight on my own, but then stalled out as I often did, and saw the commercial on TV and I thought, “What do I have to lose? It’s two weeks FREE!”


Which, of course, is their marketing technique, and it worked for me. So, I signed up and got started. After two Free weeks, I signed up for good. Every three months I pay $124. Now that may seem a lot. It doesn’t include food the way Nutrisystem did at $99 a month. But with Nutrisystem at some point, you have to begin eating “real” food. With Noom, I’m eating “real” food from the beginning. So, I’m really learning to manage my food.

It takes about 10-15 minutes a day to read over the little essays, do the activities, and honestly mark down what I eat. The “Noom Nerds” as they call themselves share lots of tidbits about psychology and science. Some of it, I’m familiar with and other stuff is new. Basically, avoid processed food, eat fresh or frozen whenever possible, eat more veggies & fruit, eat whole grains in a limited form. Noom has a color system of Green, Yellow, and Red. Green is fruits and veggies, Yellow is rice, potatoes, and pasta. Red’s are of course, red meat and sweets and pastries. There’s nothing you can’t eat. You just need to balance.

(Before the Deep Freeze with 40 mph winds, we had some beautiful fall days. I must share pictures.)

Tree 3 Tree 1

What I love best is the weight loss chart with it’s steady line angling down. Now it’s not a straight line by any means. It goes down for a while and then it zigs back up then it heads down again before heading back down. There are days of no movement. But I’ve learned that’s okay.

In the past, I’d freak over a small bounce up in pounds and really then put on more pounds. Which would lead to more and then find a new “diet.”

This is different. I can do this for as long as needed to get the weight where I want it. Then, it will be all about maintaining. All of us can lose. The kicker is keeping the weight off. I believe Noom will help me do this.

It’s an interesting program. Ultimately, they want their clients to get where they don’t need the Noom app anymore. We will have internalized good, healthy habits around eating, exercise, and managing stress.

I’m not there yet, but I’m on my way.

Even staring into the face of Holiday eating, I’ll be okay, because it’s all about balance. Studies show that people can gain as much as five pounds from Halloween through the new year. Have you ever done that? Hate to confess it, but in years past, I have. Not this year, though.


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Snuggle Up Graphic 2

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6 responses to “Noom

  1. Thank you, Marsha for the information on Noom. I appreciate it. Continued best wishes on your weight loss.

    Beautiful autumn trees and your book covers always look great. 🙂

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    • Hey, Susan. You’re welcome. I used the mantra “keep on- keeping on” with my writing. That phrase is appropriate for weight loss, too. Right before the cold front roared in, I ran around taking pics of our trees because I knew the leaves wouldn’t be around much longer. And then, I had to share, because they are soooo pretty. Not related to the post at all, but again, so pretty. 🙂 Glad you like the covers, You know Charley Volnek is my cover artist. Started with her at MIU and have been happy to stay with her. Thanks for stopping by. 🙂


  2. I’ve wondered about Noom myself so it’s interesting to hear your results. I think the don’t eat processed foods is really the key to all diets right now. Of course as we head into Christmas season with all the get togethers and Christmas goodies it becomes harder but I think you’re right, or Noom is right. Anyway wishing you continued success!

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  3. Marsha, it’s so hard in the run up to Christmas. All the Christmas cakes – mince pies, stollen, etc., have been in the shops for weeks here already. I’m afraid I’ve already started 😦 Best wishes on your weight loss.
    (I love the autumn photos!)

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    • Hey, Helena. Yes, it becomes a real challenge with all the sweets around. Maybe the goal for the holidays is just to maintain. I need to drop another couple of pounds before seeing the doctor, but then maybe we just coast through the holidays without gaining anything. Glad you like my trees. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by.

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