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Those of you who’ve followed me for a time know that I generally write about what’s going on right this minute or at least within the week. It’s Tuesday as I write the Thursday blog post and the “right now” thing is especially true. Besides writing the post. Here’s what else is going on right now.
The mowers are here, and Charley is going nuts. It’s a wonder he doesn’t pass out from all the barking and running back and forth. It doesn’t seem to matter that he can’t hear the lawn mowers. There are intruders in his domain. His behavior makes it a bit hard to concentrate. 😊
Tonight I take my first Fort Worth Citizens Police Academy. I’d signed up earlier this year and was so excited. Then came Covid, and the class was postponed. Then I got the email we were going to do it online a couple of months ago, but that too, was canceled. But tonight we begin. And it’s of course, all on-line. Something called WEBX which I’m not familiar with. I’m a Zoom girl. So more than the normal anxiety about starting something new is the question of whether I can make the technology work. Guess we’ll find out. It’s a two hour class, but I will jump off after the first hour to go to the next event. Have to do that next Tuesday too. Then the classes go through the first of October.
I’ve mentioned our Presbyterian Women of Ridglea is offering a 4-session class on race. It’s call In Black and White. I’m leading tonight’s session with two other women, Chris Shahan, our new moderator, and Nancy Marchant, our new projects chair. This session is on white privilege. (I started to put quote marks around those words but thought that might give the impression I didn’t think it was a real thing. And it is!) We’re using the article I’ve shared on my blog before. If you didn’t get a chance to read it before, here’s the link. https://www.yesmagazine.org/opinion/2017/09/08/my-white-friend-asked-me-on-facebook-to-explain-white-privilege
I’ve just finished a week-long Book Event through Authors XP hoping to pick up Newsletter followers. Folks who particularly like romantic suspense. Now to figure out how best to welcome them. It was over 300 names and will take me a while to get them into the system. I’m not good with giveaways and need to kick up my game. So look for things here and in future newsletters.
And lastly, I sent TAINTED back to my editor to check it out once more because I made some additions. And as much as I ‘d like to think I see stuff…I just don’t. LOL
Face Masks: We left a Walgreen pharmacy where we went for Shingles shot (first dose) because the pharmacist had on a mask below her nose. I asked her to please adjust it, she mumbled she would but didn’t. We waited a while to see if she’d do it when she finished with the computer, but finally decided it wasn’t worth taking a chance. Walked into Albertson’s the other day followed by a younger man who had a bandana around his neck. I thought he’d pull it up when he entered; he didn’t. I wasn’t very tactful when I asked him to pull it up. He hollered back I didn’t work there. Fortunately, an older man also called the guy on it, and he did pull the bandana into place. I think he responded to the older man rather than the older woman. Could I be prejudging? I am determined to find better words for the future. Like “I’d really appreciate you pulling up your mask or wearing a mask.”
School starting issues for those of you with kids, must be excruciatingly difficult. Two of my grandkids (4th and 6th graders) started school Tuesday. They do a hybrid homeschool thing, where they are in person two days a week and home three, and their classes are smaller than standard public school classes. My other granddaughter (3rd grade) doesn’t begin public school until September 8, and she will be all on-line. Boy, we have to get a handle on this virus. Please, wear a mask.
What’s the situation with your kids/grandkids? How are you feeling about school beginning? Do you see most people wearing masks where you live? Do you ever say something to ones you see not masking or not wearing it correctly? You know I do. How old were you when you first became aware of race? 😊 Love to hear from you.
(I think the new editor did something weird with links to my blog, Pinterest, and Instagram. ??)

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So lucky to live in this lake.

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2 responses to “Right Now

  1. I appreciate all the pretty evening pics of your lake. So peaceful. No, I do not ask anyone to pull up or put on a mask. I just avoid the person. I don’t believe a few seconds to go around or pass will give me the virus. My grandson, a sophomore in HS, is attending class, but there are a lot of changes in the school day—aren’t you glad you are retired now? So many things to handle and juggle like parents, kids, teachers, staff…oh wait, you had to do that anyway, but I imagine juggling is like on steroids with all the changes. My 6th grader granddaughter will be online as far as I know. There are no good ways to get the kids back to school with the virus overshadowing everything. I wonder about the future though with all this sanitizing. Will kids lose their resistance to germs by being so clean? Then it will only take a whiff of an unsanitized desk or countertop or whatever and the children will be sick. What are we doing? My thoughts on this Thursday. Your workshop sounds so interesting. Enjoy.
    This posted on Instagram–somehow my screen flipped to it. I have an account with Instagram but have never used it. Do you like it?

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    • Hey, JQ. Yes, I am glad to be out of the school business and my heart goes out to all those struggling with this mess. All the myriad decisions and the ramifications of those. It’s truly mind boggling. As to how this popped up on Instagram, I don’t know the answer. I am on Instagram and make myself publish pics there now and again. I understand it the latest and greatest for selling books, but I haven’t investigated that. Because you can only post from your phone, I find it not particularly user friendly. At least I’ve never found the + button on my computer. LOL I should try to be like you and walk on by those not masking properly, but I just don’t get their behavior!!! And the probably low paid employees standing at the door are probably not going to say anything. Ah well, this too shall pass.Be safe out there. Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

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