National Authors Day

This will be brief. Hopefully, you’ve already received this info from my NEWSLETTER, or you saw the link in last week’s blog about my Zoom meeting on Saturday, November 7 from 10-10:30 am.

If you stop by, you’ll have a chance at one of the 3 e-books I’m GIVEINGAWAY. Your choice from my 8 books.

I was doing a reading from Vermont Escape a couple of years ago.

We’ll chat, and I’ll read a bit from TAINTED my 8th book.

Here’s the link for the ZOOM MEETING:

Meeting ID: 883 9232 2507

Passcode: 0WggFN

Here’s a link to meet other Texas authors. HTTP://

Sure hope you can stop by. Be safe out there. 🙂

You can contact me at or through my web site where you can also sign up for my NEWSLETTER , Blog, or check out any of her social media sites.  @Marsharwest

4 responses to “National Authors Day

  1. Hey, Jacquie. Thanks. Hope people show up. It makes me think of years ago when I ran for school board and you’d have a campaign party and maybe folks would show up and maybe not. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by.


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