Does that title immediately make you think of the Carly Simon song? It does me. Let’s chat a bit about “anticipation.”

Way, way back when I was in high school, I couldn’t wait to be a senior. It felt like that day would never arrive. The years dragged along. We moved at the end of my sophomore year. Still wanting to be a senior. Then one day, suddenly it seemed, I was a senior. It felt weird. This thing I’d anticipated for sooooo long was finally here. My self-concept was thrown off a bit. I’d always been wanting to be a senior. Now I was. Who was that person?

Sorority Sisters at our 50th Reunion. Both considerably taller than me.

Let me give you an analogy. I’m short—5’2”. I have spent my adult life looking up at people. But I do know folks who are shorter than I am. I literally look down on a few. It is a seriously weird feeling. I hardly know who I am. I guess a tall person could experience the same thing if they were used to always looking down on others, and then found someone taller they had to look up to.

Okay, back to anticipation, which basically means looking forward to something with eagerness. No, I didn’t go to Webster or Google. But if you weren’t eagerly awaiting something, you’d dread it. Whole different idea.

What are some things we anticipate? Birthdays, Anniversaries, moving, taking a trip, reading the next good book, going shopping, and the list goes on. Sometimes the thing we’ve been anticipating doesn’t happen. A trip falls apart (think Covid) or you lose the house you were hoping to move into, or the book didn’t turn out as good as you’d hoped.

I want to argue that even though we didn’t get what we wanted, we can still experience some good there. Part of the enjoyment of something is the anticipation. Think about planning for a trip. Lots of time spent on-line looking at locations, checking out possible places to stay, and things to do. Learning new stuff about the place. So even though you didn’t get to make the trip, you still gained some enjoyment in the planning—in the anticipation.

Last June we celebrated our 50th Wedding Anniversary. Certainly, an event we’d eagerly anticipated and planned for quite some time. It was post vaccinations, but still in the middle of the pandemic. At one time, I’d not planned for a party but for a trip for the whole family to Maine. I had a lot of fun researching that, starting pre-Covid. Ultimately we decided we couldn’t pull off getting everyone’s schedules to mesh. So glad we changed our minds. Nevertheless, I had a great deal of fun looking at possible places and trying to find the perfect place for us all. And we had a great party.

I have to mention I am anticipating the release of COMPROMISE Nov. 4 with pre-order sale of $1.99 from Oct. 17-Nov. 3. Next week, I’ll share the link in my October NEWSLETTER.

What do you think? Am I on to something here? Think about things you’ve anticipated? Did they actually happen? Was it as great as you’d expected? Was it a bit disappointing? Was the planning leading to the event worth it?

And lastly, are you still singing “Anticipation”? I am. 😊 Love to hear from you.

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5 responses to “Anticipation

  1. My mom passed away just a few weeks before the pandemic was declared. I spent the lock down alone, and mean by myself, for the first time in my adult life. I had taken care of both my parents. At fifty eight, I suddenly had nothing to do but my money earning job.

    I spent that lock down time, trying to figure out what to do next. I’m still not sure I’ve got an answer but the search has lead me in many different
    directions. Including, doing more reading.

    I drive a school bus. Most of my passengers are middle school. Once we come to an understanding that safety comes first, then I start getting to know them. No not all of them, but that handful that are open enough to share stuff with me. Their first catch at the football game, the book they’re reading, even a cup cake from a party, even though we’re not suppose to eat on the bus.

    Watching them anticipate their day, and their future has provided me with the encouragement to anticipate my own.

    And, yes, I highly anticipate your new book.

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    • Hey, Charlotte. First, I’m so sorry for your loss. That’s always hard and especially for you with the pandemic. I have church friends who were alone during the lock down an it was tough. Secondly, let me thank you for doing the important and challenging job of driving a school bus full of middle schoolers. God bless you. They are lucky to have you and especially because you listen to them. Thirdly, I’m glad reading has helped you. It always has me. You can get COMPROMISE starting Oct 17 for only $1.99. I’ll have the link in my October newsletter going out that week. You can sign up on my web site. Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing.:)


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