New England Reprise & COMPROMISE

(Did not mean to make a rhyme! :))

The title of my October 7 blog was “Anticipation.” I wrote it before we went on vacation to New England, and I was seriously anticipating that trip. It posted while we were gone. In the newsletter last week I told you there’d be more pictures, and I really try to never lie. LOL So here they come. Love fall in Maine and New Hampshire. If you ever go, I hope you’ll consider staying where we did. The Boathouse in Camden, Maine at VRBO spot Link.

View from front yard of Boathouse where we stayed.
Main room of Boathouse
Hydrangeas were everywhere in the town of Camden
We went out in the Schooner Surprise like we did on our 40th Anniversary.

View of Camden Harbor from Mount Battie

Below you see Camden Falls. There’s a big fight about whether to keep them or not. I hope they keep them. Next is one of the Oreo Cows (officially Belted Galloways) you can see in Maine and also in Vermont. Camden doesn’t just have a gorgeous harbor, it has a beach. Last is me shopping. I must’ve walked into and aorund town a dozen or more times. I had a great time. Such a great time, we had to mail stuff home! In my defense, we hadn’t been in three years and needed to replace some clothes.

We drove to Boothbay Harbor and stopped off at the Coastal Maine Botannical Gardens. The 3 pictures above are a tiny taste of this amazing location. This was our third trip, and I’d return in a heartbeat. Here’s the link.

We also drove to Port Clyde to see the Marshall Light and visit with friends Susan Vaughan and her husband Warner. Susan writes really good Romantic Suspense. Here’s where you can find her here

We left Maine and drove 3 hours to Jackson, NH. And stopped at one of the many Dunkins around. I loved the napkin.

We stayed at the Christmas Farm Inn and Spa in Jackson, NH, near about the area for COMPROMISE, but since we’d never visited Jackson before, the town of Tidbury is almost entirely in my head. 😊 Here’s the link for the Christmas Farm: I need to figure out how to write a book set here. Maybe it could be my real Hallmark story set during Christmas, since COMPROMISE didn’t quite become that. Ahh, to dream.

Our rooms were on the right of this building. No stairs. 🙂 The central gathering room in our building. Great if a large family stayed together here. There were multiple buildings and we a wedding happened while we were there. The fall foilage was wonderful in New Hampshire. Everything I could want.

And of course, COMOPROMISE is on a pre-order sale on everything but Amazon. Apparently, Amazon doesn’t play nicely with Draft 2 Digital which I use to put up my books. D2D puts them EVERYWHERE, places I’d never heard of, but which obviously some people use to read books. And they put them up on Amazon, too, but Amazon doesn’t let D2D set up the pre-order sale. But you know I’m not going to go to the trouble to put up my books on Amazon directly so I can do the pre-sale with them. I’ll just run a sale or two at some time in the future—likely December. And of course, you lovely readers can always win a copy from my newsletter. I’ll probably do that for November and December.

And Soon I will have a Trailer. Can’t wait to be able to share that.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my pictures of Maine and Hew Hampshire. Have you traveled to New England? Do you have a favorite area?  Love to hear from you.

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  2. Great photos, Marsha. We’ve been to New England three times. There are only two states we haven’t been to, Vermont and Hawaii. A year before Covid began we made reservations to go to New England: plane, hotels, tours, etc. I got sick and we cancelled. Once we went with the kids and Bill and I shook hands that we would retire in Maine. Well, you know, that didn’t happen. 🙂

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