Physical Therapy! Oh my!

I’ve begun physical therapy. This is a very good thing. I’m convinced I might not ever walk again without this crucial experience. But…it hurts!

Let me say before I go on: Physical Therapists are the Bomb! They do awesome work. I’m grateful.

It’s been since May 25th that I’ve walked on this foot. And when the docs said don’t move it, I didn’t. So now my foot has to learn how to do its job again. Toes that don’t curl the way they should get stretched. The heel that doesn’t bend the way it should gets stretched. The ankle that hasn’t twisted, gets twisted.

IMG_4087 At therapy I use a stretchy band.

I’ve wracked my brain trying to come up with what all this forced movement feels like. The best I can come up with is to tell you to think about trying to put on jeans that are too small and despite some stretchy fibers, the pair just won’t go where you want it to. I can almost hear my skin screaming “eearrrk.”  

Progress means hard work. Besides going to therapy twice a week (One daughter takes; the other daughter picks up.), I work three times a day working through the various exercises.

This includes holding on to a chair, and standing on bare feet, and swaying side to side.


Easy peasy you think? Not so. It takes a lot of energy and it hurts. I can’t do it for very long. Yet.

The other exciting activity is walking in the boot while holding on to the back of the couch. “Walking” may be a misnomer. It might be better to say “hobbling.” Fortunately the sofa is not backed against a wall. LOL


Remember I’ve never broken a bone before and while my mother had several broken bones, I don’t remember her ever breaking a foot or ankle, so we had to deal with what I am now. Naively, I thought the docs would tell me, “Okay, you can put pressure on that boot and walk.” And I would. Well, no. That’s now how it’s working.

IMG_4089 My Grandma Riegert’s Rolling Pin. My favorite exercise.

However, I am making progress. My ankle does twist and bend. My foot moves forward and back. And even my toes are turning under—not a lot—but way more than when they weren’t moving at all. LOL  And I can put some pressure on my foot to stand and hobble. Just like when you start an exercise program and at first, you can barely do one sit-up. Over time, you can do 25. So I know this is working, but geeze! Boy do I want to walk and to be able to drive. And to not have to depend on my poor daughters (and sweet husband) to haul me thither and yon.

So I will keep on keeping on with my exercises three times a day with increasing number of minutes for each exercise. (It’s how I learned to write books. Keeping on, keeping on.) I will get back on my feet. I will drive again. And really important, I will get back to Pilates where I’ll probably be starting over like 5 years ago. L (My daughter told me I’d have to start back with private classes again and won’t be able to just hop back in with my old partner. But I’ll do it. I know what exercise can do for my body and for yours.

What kind of a regular exercise program do you participate in? Do you do videos at home? Go to a gym? Are you a group class kind of person or do you want to work on your own.

More about this in next week’s post. I’m participating in a great Book Signing at the Dallas Half-Price Bookstore set up by my super marketing gals. Check out the flyer below.

Love to hear from you. half price books big signing



22 responses to “Physical Therapy! Oh my!

  1. Oh Marsha,
    It sounds hard. Kudos to you for keeping at it. I’m cheering for you.
    I’ve got my own physio-routine to follow to heal my knee, but it’s not too painful. I do a lot of it in waist-high water. I also have to lift weights (not my favourite) and cycle. But the good news is that it is working.
    I hate not being able to get out and walk around.
    Anyway… Wishing you all the best,

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  2. You’ll do it. I hate the no pain, no gain motto but at least you’re progressing and I agree physical therapists are the bomb. As for my foot I was figuring I definitely misread the scans and they couldn’t be broken but I went out with a bunch of girls from work (Bad Moms) and made the mistake of sitting near the cast room girl. Apparently all kinds of people walk around with broken bones so I’m waiting for the Dr. 😟

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  3. You are doing so well, Marsha! I admire your determination. These months must have dragged so much but the end is now in sight. With all your exercises you might well even be stronger than you were before.
    I ruptured my Achilles tendon a long time ago. My physio classes at the local hospital were on a weekday morning and my work was so busy at the time that I couldn’t attend them all. I didn’t exercise as much as I should have done. My ankle does still get stiff occasionally. Your Pilates will really help. Great that you are following all the exercises. Sending best wishes for your healing!

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    • Hey, Helena. I’m so sorry you couldn’t get to all the therapy sessions. These people really do great things or they push us to do great things. My achilles tendon is stiff, just from non-use. So I’ll keep pushing. Thanks so much for stopping by.


  4. Marsha, I can also hear your determination and nothing is going to keep you down. (Thank you for this great motivational talk. This can be applied to everything.)

    Best wishes. I know you will be able to do anything you want in the future. You are one cool lady! 🙂

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    • Hey, Susan. Oh, wow, you’ll make my head swell. Thanks for your kind words and positive thoughts. Gives me a lot to live up to. And sometimes that’s just what we need. Thanks, my friend and thanks for stopping by.


    • Hey, Regina. The toenails. Oh my! Glad they’re still looking okay in the photo. The pedicure is over two months old. Think I can make it next Tuesday and boy am I looking forward to that. Thanks so much for stopping by. 🙂


  5. Good luck with your PT. It’s so important to find the right therapist for you. Since my knee replacement, I’ve had so much difficulty with muscle spasms that I haven’t been able to do the strengthening exercises they recommend. Thank goodness my PT focuses on the spasms before the exercises, unlike many others.
    Hope you’re walking soon.

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    • Hey, Kate. Have you tried taking Magnesium Glycinate 400 MG (4 a day)? A friend who was struggling with muscle cramps and spasms said once she got on it, they pretty much stopped. I’ve found the same thing. Talk with your therapist about it. Hang in there. You’ll get there. Thanks for stopping by.


  6. Yay for your determination, Marsha! The more you stick to the PT regimen, the better you’ll be in the end (which you obviously know). Just think, you’ll be paddling in that pretty lake in no time 🙂

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    • Hey, Kathryn. Sometimes “stubborn” is a good thing. 🙂 I’m just looking forward to being able to walk out on the dock and dangle my legs in. Just since yesterday, I’ve been able to make progress using a walker. Therapists do miracle work. Thanks so much for stopping by. 🙂


    • Hey, Ken. I’d heard therapy was hard. Somehow between hearing and doing is a big gap. LOL After sitting for two months, working up a sweat is kind of a good thing. And I really don’t like to sweat. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by and sharing in the journey.


  7. I really liked your blog. You are such a trooper – hang in there- you can do it! I really liked your idea of using your grandma’s rolling pin. Do you mind seeing my blog – I just started doing it this week for physical therapy tips daily updated.


  8. So late in responding to this, Marsha. I would love an update. And please forgive me? How did this happen in the first place. ::hugs::


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