Lights 2

I realize that I wrote about lights last week. I should’ve waited to have this as a subject of a post until after the Boat Parade on our lake. Last year’s parade was canceled because of freezing temps and dangerous winds. So, I didn’t know what to expect or even if we’d be able to see it from our place.


The parade began a little after 6 pm on Saturday evening. Temps were lovely in the mid 60’s. We saw the boats gathering across the lake from us, but still didn’t know how close they’d come.

IMG_6445 (1)

All together there were about 20 boats. There are 11 sail boats on the lake and then we have pontoon and motor boats.  We could hear the music they played, too. Just let me tell you, it was soooo fun. Next year, we’ll get all the family out and play Christmas music. Bob suggested we take Charley, The Boat out next year. (Charely is a paddle boat.) I said we’d be better supporting from the dock. 🙂

IMG_6439 This was a pontoon boat made up like a Santa’s sleigh.


Do you have any experience with something like this?  Love to hear from you.

I hope the holidays are going well for you. Prayers for all who’ve suffered losses of family members this year. Blog  @Marsharwest

4 responses to “Lights 2

  1. How much fun, Marsha! The closest I came was on Thanksgiving as we stood across the street and watched the lights come on at our house. So much fun and lots of people drive by (mostly because we overdo.) Hugs, vb

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    • Hey, Vicki. It was fun. We have lights on our fence, but we don’t face the street. We face the lake. Still working out the logistics of lights with this set up. Bob said we’d have to get some out on the boat house for next year so the boaters have something cool to look at, too. Would love to see what you call “overdoing.” 🙂 Thanks for stopping by.


  2. When I first moved to Florida, I saw a boat parade for the first time. Never saw one in New England. I was like a kid, waving at every boat, all excited! Just beautiful!


  3. I love those lighted boats parades as well as light parades down city streets. Makes a festive celebration during this special season of the year. Thanks for sharing.


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