Hey, y’all. I’m pretty excited about what all is going on. But first before getting into all of that, let’s announce the winner from the August Newsletter Contest. Congratulations to Catrina Pomerleau. She received a pdf copy of ACT OF TRUST.

Speaking of that book, you can read about it on the NN Light Mystery and Suspense Book Event, and if you comment you get a chance at winning a $66 Amazon GC. There are lots of authors the rest of the week through Aug. 17 Here’s the link to my post. I hope you’ll check it out and share with your friends.

Tomorrow is Bob’s birthday. Not a really special one, except I think all of his birthdays are special. 🙂 We’re not going to do much to celebrate. We’d like to go out for a dinner with friends, but the virus is very red where we live, so we’ll probably just pick up something and eat at home. The family will come over on Sunday, and we’ll be outside. Yes, in the heat, but we’ve had good breezes lately, and that makes such a difference.

Last year with his favorite Key Lime Pie. I know he’s hoping for that again. 🙂

It’s sad to have to go back to the masks whenever we go out, but this Delta variant of Covid is super powerful. We must all do whatever we can to keep it from replicating so much that it morphs into something even worse. If you can see your way clear, get a vaccination. If not that, at least wear a good mask properly when you’re out and about.

Bookstore Romance Day. If you’re local, please mark you calendar for Saturday, August 21. I’ll be at the Monkey & Dog Book Store 3608 West 7 Street Fort Worth 76107 at 2 pm.

A couple of years ago at a book signing at Monkey & Dog. Fortunately, I’m a bit smaller. 🙂

 And yes, I’ll more than likely be wearing my mask. Such a bummer. But it will still be a neat event. There will be other romance authors there, too, as the owner is recognizing Bookstore Romance Day. Yes, that’s a thing. I just love it. Anyone who stops by will have a chance to win a print copy of TAINTED my most recent release. (Or if you already have that, one of my other books.)

We’ve been making progress on the edits for COMPROMISE. Bob is even lending assistance. Soon I will send it back to the editor Olivia Alexander for a last look, then I will move to filling in all the front and back matter so I can upload it to Draft 2 Digital. I’ll set it up for a Pre-sale with a release date in late October or early November. You know, it’s a winter book and lends itself to that kind of marketing.

And BIG ANNOUCEMENT: I’ve just barely begun work on the next book, now known only as Book 12. The heroine is Maddy Compton Smith, sister to Jessica Compton Allen in COMPROMISE. The hero will be David Bourland, the brother from TRUTH BE TOLD, my second published book. I’ve got to get a couple things squared away on this next book, so I can have a teaser for Book 12 at the end of COMPROMISE. This is so exciting. I’ve been dithering on what it would be for a couple of months now and this morning during the extra walk I took in the neighborhood, it started to come together. I could hardly wait to sit down at the computer and type what was in my head. (Well, what was in my head about this story!) LOL

Folks, I’d love to stay longer, but I’ve got to get back to Compromise. Look for a cover reveal in September. I love, love, love the cover. Now is that a tease or what? Could this be it????

I hope you’re safe, and that wherever your kids go to school, the authorities are requiring masks. Several public school districts in Texas (including Fort Worth ISD) are going against Gov. Abbott’s ban on local districts putting in mask requirements and the districts are requiring them. Very proud of my district. As always I’d love to hear from you about anything.

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  1. Happy Birthday to Bob!! I hope he has a wonderful birthday.

    I think masks are a necessity again to be safe. If most/all people received the Covid vaccine, we wouldn’t be doing this all over again. It’s a patriotic thing to do for your country.

    Best wishes with everything, Marsha. One more chapter and I’ll be finished with the first draft of my WIP. I wanted to finish it this week. Just couldn’t get to it.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hey, Susan. I’ll pass along your wishes to Bob. You are so right about the vaccinations. I heard a commentator yesterday even make a “Christian” argument for why folks should get a shot–the do unto others thing and being your brother’s keeper. Not sure why they don’t get it. I understand the small percentage of folks who have serious medical issues, but everyone else owes it to the country to get the shot. Patriotic duty indeed.
      Congrats on just having that last chapter. I love how you always balance “real life” with writing life. Thanks so much for stopping by. 🙂


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