Storms/Drainage Issues/Halloween

You’re probably wondering how these all connect. Well, they only sort of do. 😊

Storms have been storming (so sorry) LOL across our country. Crazy stuff out west making sides of mountains slide onto roadways. Super high winds here in the middle of the country. And a nor’easter in the northeast. Our storm blew in around 3 am Wednesday morning. Whoosh! Had me reaching for my phone to check the radar. The rain hadn’t hit yet. I could really see what they talk about when they say the wind is the leading point of the cold front. And then it poured. I’d cleaned out the storm closet, but we didn’t have to go.

Fortunately, it stopped in the morning so I could take Charley for his walk. But the wind has stayed with us giving us white caps on the lake.

The rain connects to the drainage issues. Because when the guys got here to work on putting in a drainage system they could see first-hand what the problem was.

The propane tank is reflecting in the water, which runs to the end of the picture.

Even before we moved in while remodel was still going on, we got rain inside the house. One of the things we did was close up a door and put in a wall. The construction folks came out and added concrete sloping away from the house. That worked for a while. But after we moved in, during a big storm we got water in the house. You know we face the lake, but I’m not talking about water coming up from the lake. No, this water comes in at the back of the house and seeps into the main room, the kitchen, and the laundry area (it’s not a separate room) and into the study.

We had the people out to look at the problem several years ago, but gosh it cost so much to put in a drain! So we put it off. In the meantime, several times when we’d get a gully-washer (our house sits below the street), water (muddy water) got in the house. I finally decided that was enough. We took some interim steps, cleaning out the area, and trying to keep pecans, leaves and twigs from collecting there. (I worked all Tuesday afternoon on that.)

Still I decided it was worth it to put in the drain, so I didn’t have to go outside in the pouring rain to sweep the water past the low spot, which I’ve done the last two times it poured.

So that’s what’s going on today, Wednesday as I write this. We’ve pulled down all the shades. Charley goes nuts when people are here working, but at least he can’t hear them.  See the pics. It’s pretty impressive what they are doing.

Now to Halloween. I can’t really connect it to the storms and drainage, but it is this coming Sunday, so we’re going to talk about it. Halloween is the birthday of one of my SsIL. His mother always tells how when he was little, he thought all the to-do was for him. So they frequently have big parties celebrating the day and him.

My daughters are tthe clowns & witch & 50s girls when young. The grands are in green. Large pic is Halloween Party at Kathryn’s for her husband’s BD. Pumpkins in the process of being painted by Laura and her daughter.

Halloween was always a big day for me as a kid. My mother made many of my costumes. I still have my favorite—a red taffeta skirt with a black silky blouse I wore with a scarf, and lots of jewelry to be a gypsy. True confessions, despite losing weight, I still cannot get into the skirt, but someday, maybe. So I keep it. I always felt beautiful in that outfit. (I searched for a pic, but couldn’t find it.)

Now where we live we don’t do anything for Halloween. Our front door faces the lake, so until someone comes by boat, we don’t handout candy anymore. LOL Do you celebrate? What was your favorite costume as a kid or as an adult? What’s your favorite Halloween treat? As always, I’d love to hear from you.

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My trailer is almost finished. I really like it and can’t wait to share. Happy Halloween, Lance and everyone. Don’t eat too much candy. 🙂

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