Appliance Woes and Joy

I thought I’d write this post two weeks ago, but alas…. Wait, let me start at the beginning.

We’ve needed (I wanted) a new washer dryer from the time we moved into our cottage on the lake. Our washer and dryer were quite large and had fit fine in our laundry room in our former house. We’d had them 4-5 years when we downsized to the lake house. There are sacrifices you make to get a view like we have.

😊 One of those was a “normal” laundry room.

Anyway, After a lot of looking, I finally deciding what would work best in the space was a stackable unit. Not those giant size that sit on top of each other, but the one piece things.

So I bought one from Home Depot, and it was set up to be delivered. You know they give you a big chunk of time, morning, afternoon, middle of the day. I was home during the assigned time. I had my phone near me while I worked on the computer. I periodically checked the cameras. Somehow I missed their call that they were here, and I never caught a pic of them on the cameras. Finally, I called to see what happened to them to learn they could not figure out how to get through our unlocked gate.

Maybe they heard Charley barking and were afraid to come in. Charley did bark briefly during the time period, but nothing like someone was parked outside our house. Charley goes berserk when the lawn guy is here or the people filling our propane tank or the folks who pick up the trash. I always check when he goes nuts. Cause what if it’s more than ducks flying by? 😊

So I rescheduled for the next Thursday, the soonest they could come. I needed to pick up Sarah at 3, so Bob came home to babysit the house. They didn’t come until after I got back. I was relieved because the floor needed to be cleaned from where we’d had a flood. I didn’t want Bob to have to do that. When I got the text we were next on their stops, I was elated. But no celebrations yet. The people took it out of the carton and for crying out loud it was dented!

And not on the side that wouldn’t show, no it was on the other side. So, they packed it back up and gave me a number to reschedule. I thought they put the water back on, but for some reason I couldn’t make the washer work now. That was last Thursday. ☹

Tuesday this week was the big day. I left a church meeting early to make sure I’d be home in time for the delivery from 11:30 to 3:30. I got the text I was next on the list. They even called to say they’d be here in twenty minutes. And they were. They unpacked the unit which had no dents, and they moved the old appliances out. I scrubbed the floors because two years ago we had a flood and dirty water came in the house.

They hooked it all up and ran a test wash and dry. Seemed to work just fine. I thanked them profusely and they left.

I read the directions and got small load of towels to use as a trial run. All did not go smoothly. They hadn’t turned the water back on. Not sure how they did their test run, but I had to get the tool and go out to the street and turn on the water. Then it seemed to work but made a terrible noise. After a couple of attempts, I shut it off and set if for the speed wash, which was what they ran their test on.

I have 45 hours to decide to keep it or send it back. If the only way it will work is on speed wash, that will not do. I’m crossing my fingers it will work out.

Now, on Wednesday evening I can tell you, the appliance is working well. And I do love is the extra space. My small shelf unit I bought to hold the stuff that used to sit on top of the old front loaders works well. So, I’m optimistic.

They did suggest I should probably get new faucets. They are rusted and the movers had a hard time getting them to turn. That will be an adventure for another time. My plumbers will fix it and one outside that leaks. Hope to put that off to next month. I’ve spent three weeks worrying with schedules and waiting.

First World problems, I know, but they’re my first world problems.

What kind of a washer and dryer do you have? Do you have a laundry room? How old are your appliances (washer/dryer, stove, refrigerator)? Do you have a brand you prefer, or do you just go with what’s on sale? My new WD is a GE. The old ones were Maytag and quite excellent until they weren’t.

Tomorrow, January 28, I hope you will come by the Worth the Wait Facebook Event. Lots of authors, freebies, books, Gift cards. You have to sign up first. The link is at the bottom of the graphic.

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I’ll be there. Hope you will be, too. As always I love to hear from you. 😊

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6 responses to “Appliance Woes and Joy

  1. You had quite an ordeal with that washer/dryer. But, thankfully, it is running smoothly. In FL my washer and dryer are out in the shed just a few steps from my kitchen. I guess it’s in case the washer leaks it won’t ruin the floors inside? But mainly because there is no room in our small place for a laundry room. After living in a fifth-wheel camper for 8 years when full-time camping, this place felt like a palace! Dining room, counter space, and washer and dryer! Enjoy your new appliances. No excuses for not getting the laundry done now!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hey, Janet. Wow you’re a better person than me. I don’t think I could live in that small a space for that long. I know that works for lots of people. They love the freedom. Now I confess to being fascinated with travel trailers because of all the little spots they have to put everything. We’d have to get rid of a ton more stuff to live like that. Though we did downsize from our almost 3000 sq ft home to just over 1700. But as I said above, we got the views. 🙂 And I can hardly tell you how happy I am with the change. I can get to the closet without having to turn sideways. Thanks so much for stopping by. Hope to see you tomorrow on FB. 🙂


  2. Marsha, your washer and dryer unit looks very nice. We should be getting all new appliances this summer. We have a refrigerator in our garage from 1981 when we bought our first house. It’s been moved many times and still works. We use it only when we have a lot of food around holidays or special events. We still have our dryer also from 1981. We had to buy a new washing machine at our present house.

    Lots of new things coming this summer. Lots to look forward to.

    Have fun on “Snow Day”. I’ll check it out.

    Take care. Stay safe.


    • Hey, Susan. Gosh, you are lucky to have kept your appliances for so long. That’s amazing. And how exciting to be getting all new this summer. Are you getting a washer that’s a front-end loader? We did before because we’d heard it used less water, and I guess it did. But I didn’t like how tangled up the clothes go in it. Hope you guys are staying warm. This most recent storm has appeared to be really something. Thanks so much for stopping by. 🙂


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